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I’ve always been a big fan of Shake and Save because it allows me to easily take screenshots of what’s displayed on my device. You simply start the app, navigate to the screen you wish to capture, then shake your device to take the shot – brilliant use of the accelerometer! Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow saving of images to the storage card, which users have requested many times. It also forces you to accept an agreement before use. Thankfully, another developer, Erwin Ried, has created a similar app, but without these negatives.

Whip2Snap allows you to take screenshots by cracking your device like a whip. Unlike Shake and Save, it allows saving to device or storage card and it also has the option to turn off confirmations. Check out the full list of features below and get the download from the developer’s site. Visit XDA-developers if you’re interested in support.


* Storage Card support

* Customizable behaviour (single/multiple screenshots, with/without confirmation)

* Cool “whip” sound effect

* Multiple image format supported as output (png, jpeg, gif and bmp)


* HTC Touch Diamond, Diamond2, Pro, Pro 2, HD, HD2 or Samsung OMNIA i900

* Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 3.5

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