ZTE Axon 11 5G

ZTE Axon 11 5G launched in China for $379

It is priced at 2698 yuan (~$379) for the base variant.

The fate of MWC 2020 will be decided this Friday

The upcoming MWC 2020 is at risk of being canceled, and we could get a final decision on this next Friday, February 14th

More companies will be absent from MWC 2020 because of coronavirus

More companies have announced that they won’t be attending the upcoming MWC 2020 because of the threat of the coronavirus outbreak
Redmi Note 9 Pro vs Poco X2

Pocketnow Daily: POCO X2 Official: They DID IT AGAIN?!(video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the new Poco X2 and its features, patents for a new foldable phone from Apple and more

LG and ZTE won’t appear during MWC 2020 because of Coronavirus threat

ZTE and LG have confirmed that they won’t be attending MWC 2020 due to the outbreak of the coronavirus and other reasons

Pocketnow Daily: Is THIS the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2?!(video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the leaked real world pictures of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, the new Huawei Mate Xs and more

ZTE Axon 10s Pro 5G will feature the Snapdragon 865

ZTE is teasing the upcoming Axon 10s Pro 5G, which will arrive with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor at its core.
ZTE Black Friday

ZTE unveils Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for the Axon 10 Pro and Blade 10

Starting November 27 at 12:00 AM EST, until December 3 at 11:59 PM EST, you can grab the ZTE Axon 10 Pro or Blade 10 at a special discount price.

ZTE Blade 10, Blade 10 Prime and Blade A7 Prime announced

ZTE and Visible are announcing two new additions to the Blade line-up, with the Blade 10 Prime and Blade A7 Prime being exclusive to Visible.

ZTE patents minuscule punch-hole camera in the notification bar

Aside from the fact that the punch-hole is tiny, said minuscule punch-hole will be placed inside the notification bar, the ZTE patent application describes.

ZTE Axon 10 Pro available for pre-order at an attractive price tag

The ZTE Axon 10 Pro, and its 5G sibling, debuted in China back in May, and is now ready to tackle the U.S. market with open pre-orders.

Upcoming Nubia Z20 with two OLED displays leaked by TENAA

The Nubia Z20 will become official on August 8, but, thanks to a TENAA listing, we get some details about this upcoming dual-display flagship.

ZTE to release 7nm 5G chips in the second half of 2019

Chinese tech giant ZTE is set to release 7nm 5G chips in the second half of 2019, according to a recent report, citing company president Xu Ziyang.
ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G

ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G launches in China next month

As Chinese authorities are handing out 5G licenses, a recent report reveals that the ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G will be available in the country next month.

ZTE gets double punch hole smartphone patent

If ZTE is serious about this patent it was just granted by the Chinese authority, we should see a double punch hole smartphone soon.

ZTE Axon 10 Pro and Axon 10 Pro 5G debut in China

The ZTE Axon 10 Pro and Axon 10 Pro 5G are debuting today, May 7, in China, with prices starting at $475. Check out all the details!

State of the Smartphone

The smartphone market is very rich in innovation, data, and services. The Western hemisphere craves flagships while the Eastern has more people to serve
ZTE Axon 7 Pro 5G

Listing reveals ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G sales start May 7

Sales for the ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G, announced back in February ths year, could start on May 7, as revealed by a recent JD listing.

Trade in any Android phone and Verizon’s Visible is sending you a ZTE

If you have an old or beaten up Android smartphone that powers up, Visible is sending you a ZTE-made Visible R2 in return.

ZTE AXON S might be a special camera slider phone, but why?

The images in this post are allegedly depicting an upcoming ZTE AXON S, which has a special superpower: it slides to the side to reveal the cameras.

Trump campaigners still talking about nationalized 5G network

The Trump administration had proposed a wholesale 5G network before to heaps of criticism. Why is the re-election campaign making a big deal of it?
ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G

ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G official, alongside ZTE Blade V10 and Blade V10 Vita

ZTE made its line-up official at MWC 2019. It includes the flagship ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G, the mid-ranger Blade V10, and the budget Blade V10 Vita.

ZTE Axon 10 Pro, a 5G phone, headed for MWC 2019

ZTE is trudging its way through to MWC 2019 after an intense year-and-a-half with not much to show for it. Will the Axon 10 Pro get the attention it needs?

MWC 2019 rumor roundup: 5G, foldables, buttonless phones and more! [U]

LG, Sony, Nokia, Huwaei, Xiaomi, OnePlus, vivo, Energizer and ZTE will be bringing phones to MWC 2019 that we will be talking about. Here’s our rumor trail!

ZTE CEO talks about 5G, challenges, and the future

The CEO of ZTE is talking in a recent interview about the company’s 5G efforts, as well as the status quo, and future outlook.