center stage ipad pro zoom
Zoom adds support for one of the iPad Pro’s coolest tricks
Center Stage on iPad Pro relies on machine learning to automatically pan or zoom out to keep you centered in the frame during video calls.
zoom events main
Zoom delivers you a personalized stage for your events
Zoom Events is an all-in-one platform for creating paid (and free) online events and conferences, while managing them from a single hub.
Apple offers a special API to Zoom that no other developer has access to
As of now, without this API when you try to put a video conference into Split view mode on Zoom, the video goes dark as the app cannot access the ‌iPad‌ camera when multitasking.
facebook portal
Facebook brings Zoom to Portal TV because we love video calls on giant screens
Priced at $129, Portal TV is also getting support for GoToMeeting, in addition to Zoom for hosting video calls.
zoom pocketnow
Zoom is making its automatic closed captioning feature free for all users
Dubbed Live Transcription, the AI-based automatic closed captioning feature will be released for all users across its free tier this fall.
Zoom’s ambitions expand to email and calendar service after pandemic surge: Report
Zoom has already started working on its email service, and it might enter a closed testing phase among a handful of users early next year.
nest hub max zoom video call
Google brings Zoom video call experience on the Next Hub Max smart display
This year has been all about video calls as the world moved…
Zoom unveils OnZoom platform to let users host paid online events
OnZoom has started to roll out as a public beta platform, but is only available for paid Zoom users as of now.
Zoom announces a $599 touchscreen tablet to help you make video calls
The ‘Zoom tablet’ has a 27-inch multi-touch 1080p display with a 16:9 aspect ratio, all encased in a slim form factor that is only 0.5-inch thick.
Zoom JioMeet
Reliance Jio launches a Zoom knock-off, JioMeet in India
The Zoom knock-off features an almost lookalike home screen with an added ‘Help” button at the bottom.
Zoom says end-to-end encryption will come to free users after all
Zoom will begin beta testing for the feature in July and will require users to first verify their identity with information such as their phone number.
Zoom won’t secure your video calls with end-to-end encryption, unless you pay
Zoom aims to discourage abusive use of the platform by leaving conversations of free accounts accessible to law enforcement officials.
Zoom disables GIPHY integration in chat citing user privacy concerns
Zoom says it will restore GIPHY integration in chat after taking apt technical and security measures, but hasn’t revealed the issue behind these measures.
Zoom was experiencing issues, as Google Meet is getting more users
Conferencing app Zoom was having some issues this morning, and it may have helped Google Meet get more users as a safer and more reliable alternative
Zoom will soon add a reporting tool to curb the ‘Zoombombing’ menace
Zoom will release a new update on April 26 that brings a reporting tool to deter ‘zoombombers’ from disrupting a video call.
The dark web has more than half a million Zoom accounts for sale
More than half a million Zoom user accounts are being sold in the dark web that also include important information
Think twice before using Zoom again, Singapore teachers stop using it after “serious incidents”
Teachers in Singapore have been told to stop using Zoom to give classes after some children were allegedly exposed to inappropriate content
After Google, US Senate tells members to avoid Zoom over security concerns
The US Senate has asked office bearers to look at alternative platforms for video conferencing as Zoom’s security measures remain under the scanner.
Google prohibits employees from using Zoom citing security concerns
Google has told employees that the Zoom app does not meet the company’s security standards, which is why the app will stop working on their work computers.
Spike Video Chat is a great new free option for group video conferencing
Some of the other video conferencing options out there have been a security/privacy nightmare. Spike Video Chat is a new one with some very welcome advantages and improved simplicity.
Zoom updates default security settings to prevent Zoombombing
Zoom’s new password settings cannot be modified for a single user or free accounts. And even though it adds some hassle, it is also a necessary evil.
Beware! ‘Zoombombing’ is a federal offence that can lead to imprisonment
‘Zoombombing’ is the new viral trend that is making life miserable for…
OPPO schedules zoom-related MWC 2019 event
OPPO has published its MWC 2019 event invite to Twitter and it looks like it will reveal a smartphone using its new 10x zoom technology.
ASUS ZenFone 3 Zoom First Look: all zoom, no bumps (Video)
Two cameras, one with a zoom lens and one that can really soak in light. Will this phone really deliver with its hardware? We take a look.