AT&T finally sends Android 6.0 Marshmallow to 2015-released ZTE ZMax 2
Originally launched back in the fall of 2015 with humble software and hardware onboard, AT&T’s ZTE ZMax 2 now jumps on the Marshmallow bandwagon.
AT&T GoPhone ZTE Zmax 2 with 2GB RAM is on sale at Best Buy for only $60
Still not happy with what most sub-$100 Android phones bring to the table? The $60 ZTE Zmax 2 aims to change that with a 3,000 mAh battery.
ZTE Zmax 2 for AT&T aims to prove low-cost doesn’t have to mean low-end (or small)
The AT&T-exclusive ZTE Zmax 2 might be cheap, at $150 with prepaid plans, but it sure isn’t humble or small, with a 5.5-inch screen and 2GB RAM in tow.
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T-Mobile updates will give select phones new LTE band support
Learn about all the smartphones on-tap to receive T-Mobile LTE band updates in the months to come.
The ZTE ZMAX proves that even affordable mobiles have big-phone fever
With its Snapdragon 400 processor the ZTE ZMAX isn’t exactly a flagship, but with its 5.7-inch screen, can it hold its own against the high-end phablets?