Samsung Galaxy A-series getting 2017 refresh
We have our first looks at what might be going on with a 2017 refresh of the Samsung Galaxy A-series. Some silicon looks a little weird at this point.
Galaxy galleria: details show up on Samsung Z2, Galaxy C9, J7 Prime
Media-grade renders leak for the new Tizen phone, the mid-ranger that could top mid-rangers gets a raw price and there is a new mid-range delineation.
A new Snapdragon 652 could be on the way soon
An Indian shipping database has a listing for what could be Qualcomm’s next big changeup in its mobile application chipsets.
Galaxy A8 (2016) found on GFXBench as a 2015 flagship
What’s said to be the successor to last year’s best of yesteryear has been spotted on a benchmark site with the best specs of… yesteryear.
Galaxy Note 7 camera spotted on Zauba with 12 megapixels, OIS
The main camera should be a single one, just like the Galaxy S7’s. The Galaxy Note 7 should also have a similar selfie shooter.
Galaxy Note 7 Zauba listings out waterproofedness
An Indian import-export database has listings for a component of the Galaxy Note 7 that is “waterproof”. Good sign for those who take their work poolside.
India sees OnePlus 3 prepped for sales with hints at pricing
Import-export database Zauba is tracking shipments of the 64GB version of the OnePlus 3 into India. How much will it end up commanding at stores?
Zauba may have teased model number of Galaxy Note 7 edge
It may be time to take rumors of a curved-screen Note seriously. The Galaxy Note 7 edge may have a serial number at Samsung and an import listing shows it.
Zauba listing may hint at Galaxy S7 Sport for Sprint
Sprint previously only commissioned Samsung for the Galaxy S5 Sport. AT&T’s been claiming most of the exclusivity with its hold on the Active series.
Zauba lists 5.5-inch screen for a possible Samsung Galaxy A4
The Indian import/export database has a few listings from last week telling of a new Galaxy A phone with a 5.5-inch display.
Components spotted on Zauba hint at Moto G4 specs
Import-export database Zauba has picked up on some components destined for a phone named “Athene,” known to the rest of us for now as the Moto G4.