Moto Z3 Review

Moto Z3 Review: The Bleeding Edge Paradox (video)

Check out our Moto Z3 review and learn everything there is to know about the phone. It will come with a 5G add-on you can share with friends.

Low-end Samsung Z4 smartphone goes official with productivity-focused Tizen 3.0

The Tizen 3.0-powered Samsung Z4 is the company’s latest attempt at getting an Android alternative off the ground, though the hardware is still modest.

Analyst sees Lenovo folding ZUK brand, no ZUK Z3

The startup has had its fun, analyst Pan Jiutang said, but with market forces and Lenovo’s own financials needing a boost, it’s the end of the road for ZUK.

Samsung’s ‘Pride’ and joy? A Tizen 3.0-based SM-Z250F phone with ‘voice control’

Tizen 3.0 is reportedly the next big version of Samsung’s Android-competing OS, with a mystery phone codenamed Pride in the pipeline.

Samsung Z2 aims to keep Tizen afloat with crazy low price, 4G LTE, dated design

Priced at the equivalent of $69 in India, the Tizen-powered Samsung Z2 looks like a decent first smart device option for a former feature phone owner.

Samsung Z2 likely to go official at last on August 23, high-end Z9 Tizen phone also in the works

The long-in-the-works Samsung Z2 entry-level Tizen phone is almost surely breaking cover tomorrow, while a high-end Z9 could come to light down the road.

Official-looking Samsung Z2 promo video surfaces ahead of launch

Instead of a formal announcement or commercial release, the Tizen-powered Samsung Z2 only gets a muted promo video leaked today.

Samsung Z3 sales could hit Europe later this quarter, as Tizen picks up speed

Long-rumored Samsung Z3 European sales could finally be about to start, as Tizen sets its sights on new markets.

Tizen overtakes BlackBerry for fourth place in Q3 2015 mobile OS ranks

Market analysis shows Tizen’s share of the mobile landscape in Q3 2015 eclipsed those of BlackBerry OS and Firefox OS, propelling Samsung’s platform to #4.

Facebook app becomes native to Tizen on Samsung Z3

Samsung’s sprawling¬†ecosystem, Tizen, has had plenty of support from the company. How…

Samsung Z3 Tizen phone goes official in India with emphasis on price and design

The world’s second Tizen smartphone, the Samsung Z3, is a major improvement over the Z1 in both the visual and hardware departments, and it’s also cheap.

Samsung Z3 Tizen phone pictured again, as production apparently begins in India

The alleged looming Samsung Z3 Tizen smartphone stars in another leaked photo, showcasing a design language very similar to that of the Galaxy A5 and E5.

Samsung could finally bring Tizen phones to Europe with launch of the Z3

Unlike how the Tizen-based Samsung Z1 stuck to the Indian subcontinent, Samsung Z3 availability could include a bunch of major European nations.

Forget the Z2; possible Samsung Z3 Tizen phone appears to be in the works

New FCC documents point to an upcoming smartphone that may just be the Samsung Z3 Tizen model.

BlackBerry CEO talks plans for future, engaging customers, and budget phones

In a new BlackBerry John Chen interview, the company head talks about what it’s like being a “turnaround CEO” and his goals for BB’s future.

Pocketnow Weekly 096: phone lasers, remixes, and the false promise of “Prime”

Does Gary Oldman really like the One? Will the LG G3 leaks ever stop? Why are you deluding yourself with “Prime” rumors? All this and more on today’s show!

BlackBerry shares Z3 hardware details as pre-orders open

With full BlackBerry Z3 specs now available, find out how the new full-touch BlackBerry 10 model compares to its predecessors.

BlackBerry launches Q20 and Z3 BB10 handsets

Learn what to expect form the just-announced BlackBerry Q20, as well as the Z3 for Indonesia.