YouTube Chapters
YouTube’s latest experiment uses AI to divide lengthy videos into chapters
Youtube says it will rely on machine learning to recognize certain text-based signs in a video for automatically generating chapters.
YouTube pay
YouTube will show ads on some ineligible creators’ videos, but won’t pay them
Creators not part of the YouTube Partner Program will see ads on some of their videos (and won’t be paid for it).
Apple silicon
Pocketnow Daily: EVERYTHING Apple Didn’t Announce, Now Has a Date? (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the new Apple products that we may get next year, Instagram changes and more.
YouTube update
YouTube brings new gestures and playback controls to its mobile app
The new features are rolling out to users across both iOS and Android.
YouTube Stories on iOS get an audio enhancement tool to make them sound better
The new “Enhance Speech” feature for recording YouTube Stories will boost the audio output by isolating the speech of a video’s subject.
YouTube launches its own TikTok rival called YouTube Shorts in India
YouTube Shorts should be 15 seconds or less, and there will also be an option to speed up or slow down the speed of your clips.
You’ll no longer receive email notifications for new YouTube uploads or livestreams
Users can still choose to get push notifications via the YouTube app on mobile and through the Chrome browser on desktop.
YouTube re-enables 1080p streaming on smartphones in India, but only on WiFi
You can now stream videos in 1080p on Android and iOS YouTube app.
Google brings SmartReply to YouTube, but only for creators
Currently, SmartReply in YouTube Studio only supports English and Spanish, but more languages will be added to the list in the near future.
YouTube TV subscription price hiked to $64.99 as it adds new channels
The company says subscription charge has gone up due to the rising cost of content as it adds eight more channels from ViacomCBS.
YouTube’s new video chapters feature is now live, and it’s extremely helpful
In order for chapters to appear, a video must have at least three timestamps and each one must last a minimum of 10 seconds.
YouTube pay
YouTube app on Android tests showing Google Search results alongside relevant videos
You can directly open the suggested webpage or even check out the full Google Search results page, all within the YouTube app.
YouTube’s bedtime reminders will tell you to stop watching videos and get some sleep
Bedtime Reminders are exclusive to the YouTube app on Android and iOS, and have already started rolling out for users.
Netflix video quality will return to normal after COVID-19 measures
It seems that Netflix is starting to stream its content without downgrading its quality in several European countries
YouTube brings fact check information panels to the United States
The fact-check panels on YouTube will surface when users enter a query, and not just a random keyword that can pull up any generic video.
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip finally gets YouTube support for Flex Mode
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip finally gets YouTube optimization for Flex Mode with version 15.15.38 of the app that is now available for users starting today.
Here’s the result of JerryRigEverything’s durability test on the OnePlus 8 Pro
Check out how the OnePlus 8 Pro did on a durability test performed on JerryRigEverything’s YouTube Channel
You can watch free Netflix documentaries on YouTube right now
You can now access a wide variety of Netflix original documentaries, shows, and series through its YouTube Channel, you may want to check it out
You can watch the One World: Together at Home concert on YouTube here
You can join us and millions more to watch the One World: Together at Home to support the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic
Bored at home? You can now watch these YouTube Originals for free
YouTube has made a lot of YouTube Originals content free to watch for everyone, but Cobra Kai and Liza On Demand are still behind the paywall.
YouTube will suppress videos that peddle 5G-coronavirus conspiracy
YouTube will reduce the visibility of videos linking 5G to coronavirus and will even remove them, aside from cutting off their ad revenue.
YouTube is working on a TikTok rival called ‘Shorts’ coming later this year
Unlike TikTok which is a standalone app, Shorts will exist as a feature within the YouTube mobile app.
Huawei P40 vs Samsung Galaxy S20
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YouTube videos now default to SD quality worldwide amid coronavirus crisis
Even though videos will default to SD quality worldwide, users can still choose to watch it at a higher or lower resolution on YouTube.
YouTube, Netflix, and Prime Video reduce streaming quality in Europe due to coronavirus
YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video have lowered the bitrate of streaming content on their respective platforms across Europe due to coronavirus.