Mid-range Yota3 held up by Sina-Russo corporate standoff

Specifications for the device include improved displays, mid-range internals and tempered prices. Meanwhile, a Chinese firm jockeys for Yota’s destiny.

The Kremlin pivots Yotaphone away from US, to China

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Yota and ZTE join forces for bigger than ever Q1 2016 YotaPhone 3 launch

The YotaPhone 3, the third iteration of an innovative dual-screened Android manufactured in Russia, will move production to China, with ZTE as a partner.

YotaPhone 2 US release plans derailed

The dual-screened YotaPhone won’t be available to US shoppers as intended, with YotaPhone 2 US sales canceled following the arrival of supply chain delays.

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YotaPhone 2 US release details revealed, future hardware teased

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YotaPhone 2 set for an official launch next month

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