YotaPhone 3 (or just Yota 3) goes officially official with dual 5.5 and 5.2-inch displays

The dual-screen YotaPhone 3 has been years in the making, and it finally has a definitive launch date in China, where it’ll be known simply as the Yota 3.

Yota and ZTE join forces for bigger than ever Q1 2016 YotaPhone 3 launch

The YotaPhone 3, the third iteration of an innovative dual-screened Android manufactured in Russia, will move production to China, with ZTE as a partner.

YotaPhone 2: hands-on (Video)

Get an up-close look at a compelling dual-screen e-ink Android in our new YotaPhone 2 video from CES 2015.

Additional YotaPhone 2 release details arrive

We’re still waiting on tomorrow’s big presentation, but some early details on YotaPhone 2 sales have emerged.