Lenovo Yoga Book 2 and ASUS Precog evolve into dual display panels

The Yoga Book gets an update, though it won’t be available to us just yet — just as we won’t be able to get at ASUS’s concept machine until 2019.

Lenovo schedules IFA 2017 event for August 31, and we have no idea exactly what’s in store

As always, Lenovo is likely to unveil many different things at IFA Berlin this year, including tablets, convertibles, phones and modular accessories.

Lenovo’s Chrome OS Yoga Book claimed dead

The Yoga Book is already available in the market with Windows 10 or Android, but Lenovo stated that it wanted one in Chrome OS as well.

Amazon cues up Lenovo Yoga Book deal with a $100 gift card

If you decide to pick up the Android version or the Windows 10 version, it doesn’t matter. You just have to pick up the card bundle by the 22nd.

Year End Tech Sales and Paying for Porn? | #PNWeekly 232

A bill in South Carolina would force consumers into paying for porn access on any computer purchased in the state. #PNWeekly podcast episode 232!

Third wacky Lenovo Yoga Book variant is in the works, complete with Chrome OS and Real Pen

Can’t decide between the Android 6.0-running and Windows 10 Lenovo Yoga Book models? Give it some time, and a Chrome OS convertible will also come.

Lenovo Yoga Book Review: The Android laptop of the future?

Lenovo ditched the keyboard for a HUGE touch sensor and stylus input. Is this the Android laptop of the future? Here’s our Lenovo Yoga Book review!

One-of-a-kind Lenovo Yoga Book 2-in-1 tablet starts selling ahead of schedule in the UK

Recently unveiled at IFA Berlin, the convertible Lenovo Yoga Book tablet ships in 11 business days with Windows 10 Pro on British shores.

There’s our IFA 2016 wrap-up, but BOOM goes the Note 7 | Pocketnow Weekly 216

We get with it with Withings, hang around Huawei, pity Samsung and Galaxy Note 7 owners and talk a whole bunch about buses in Berlin on our Weekly podcast!

Lenovo Yoga Book hands on: A fancy new keyboard for stylus fans

It’s like something out of the movie Tron. Lenovo delivers a fresh take on the tablet keyboard. Here’s our first Lenovo Yoga Book hands on!

Thin, screen-ful Lenovo Yoga Book runs on Android or Windows 10

This convertible tablet does not have a physical keyboard — it deals with a digital one — and can take a stylus on its screen or on paper with real ink.