LG G7 ThinQ, Xiaomi IPO, Sprint and T-Mobile (again, again) | #PNWeekly 303

This week, we’re talking about a new flagship phone from LG, Xiaomi’s bright future, and the uphill for Sprint and T-Mobile.

Samsung will allow Verizon-owned Oath to load new bloatware on phones around the world

It’s not only Verizon-locked Galaxy S9 and S9+ variants that will be getting a number of apps owned by Big Red subsidiary Oath pre-installed. Soon enough, the bloatware partnership is set to expand around the world.

Verizon to distribute NBA out-of-market games, collaborate with media package

Big Red pockets another big streaming and media deal with a major US sports league after an in-market games deal with the NFL.

NFL deal done: Verizon-owned outlets to stream in-market games on all carriers

Customers of any carrier in the United States will be able to access local matches on the Yahoo Sports, go90 or NFL Mobile apps.

LeEco may leave Silicon Valley to pave over financial turmoil

The Chinese smartphone-maker has billions of dollars coming its way, but it’s been chewing gristle in its oversized US operations in the meantime.

Verizon chops Yahoo’s price by $350 million, still a $4.5 billion deal

The telecom is still valuing the deal at nearly $4.5 billion for a user base of about 1 billion. Digital content and ad-feeding prospects outweigh scandals.

What part of Yahoo Verizon leaves behind will be called Altaba

Verizon opted not to pick up Yahoo’s ownership in Alibaba and separate site Yahoo! Japan. Those investments will get spun into the new company, Altaba.

2016’s biggest tech winners and losers

2016 was certainly a tumultuous year for many tech companies, but these are the industry’s five biggest winners and five biggest losers in our opinion.

Some employees knew of massive email security breach since 2014, Yahoo admits

The attack, labeled as coming from a state-sponsored source, was first picked up by Yahoo. It was alleged to have affected more than 500 million accounts.

Verizon reports revenue drop but ‘continued strong profitability’ in Q3 2016

Verizon isn’t making the big bucks it used to before T-Mobile’s rise and Sprint’s recovery, although it’s still turning a healthy profit.

Congress is asking DOJ, national intelligence director about Yahoo email scanning

The FBI requested Yahoo to scan its emails for code strings related to a foreign terrorist organization, but we don’t know how it could make such an order.

In wake of company scandals, Yahoo mail forwarding shut down

Users cannot add new destinations to forward their Yahoo mail to as the company reels in from a data breach and governmental privacy concerns.

Verizon CEO dismisses rumors of Yahoo renegotiation, calls hack ‘not that shocking’

Verizon is investigating the circumstances of the recently disclosed Yahoo hack and the “material impact”, but isn’t seeking a discount just yet.

New York Post: Verizon wants to pay less for Yahoo in wake of scandals

With an email hacking scandal coupled to an email sifting scandal, it seems like Yahoo! has more rough than diamond and Verizon isn’t happy about it.

500 million Yahoo accounts hacked by “state-sponsored actor”

The data is from around late 2014 and is comprised of scrambled passwords, unencrypted security questions, dates of birth, account and real names.

Apple sales records, Blackberry security, and we get stuff wrong | Pocketnow Weekly 211

Apple sells it’s billionth phone, BB claims to have the most secure Android ever, and we get stuff wrong in a recent review. Pocketnow Weekly episode 211!

Verizon earnings struggle, but investors positive on Yahoo

Verizon publicized its $4.8 billion acquisition of Yahoo yesterday, but that wasn’t enough to keep quarterly numbers from showing off a struggle.

Verizon and Yahoo said to be days from announcing $5 billion deal

Verizon has been leading the crowd of five bidders in pursuing Yahoo, a search engine-turned-multimedia, multiplatform company.

Verizon and Google lead prospective Yahoo buyer pack, as AT&T backs down

Yahoo’s core business and its minority stake in the independent Yahoo Japan outfit are reportedly for sale, with Verizon and Google interested to buy.

Gmailify brings Gmail features to third-party email accounts

Google wants everyone to see what Gmail’s features can do for their email, and its new Gmailify option lets them to just that.

Yahoo brings new Messenger app to Android, iOS users with “unsend” feature

Learn about what features to expect from the all-new Yahoo Messenger for Android and iOS, including the ability to retract an already-sent message.

Top 5 Android Launchers in 2015 (Video)

From cruise control to do-it-yourself, the amount of control users can have…

Yahoo developing voice assistant of its own

Can a Yahoo voice assistant ever hope to compete with efforts from Google, Apple, and Microsoft?

Google may lose its supremacy as Safari’s default search engine

Learn more about the existing status of Google’s lead as the default search engine for iOS products, as it seems that things might change next year.
Yahoo Aviate Launcher Hands-On 3

Yahoo Aviate Launcher: Hands-On (Video)

Unlike other launchers, Yahoo’s Aviate Launcher is “aware” of where you are and what you’re doing – and reacts accordingly. Hit play to see what we mean.