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Sony teases stock Lollipop on Xperia Z family
Work on Sony Android 5.0 files for the dev community are coming soon, and the OEM’s got an early teaser to whet our appetite.
Why Sony’s seven-month Xperia Z-series cycle isn’t all bad
Most smartphone OEMs launch a new flagship once per year. Sony operates on an odd seven-month cycle. Read why the short Xperia Z life cycle works for Sony.
Sony delivers fix for Xperia audio glitches
Get the details on the new Sony Xperia audio fix, going out to recent Xperia models starting this week.
KitKat updates incoming for Sony Xperia Z1, Z1 Compact, and Z Ultra
Get the details on the new Sony Xperia KitKat updates going out beginning today.
Four reasons we want more Sony smartphones in 2014
It hasn’t taken long for our perception of Sony smartphones to shift from “overpriced and undercooked” to “get in my pocket.” Here’s four reasons why.
Bring on the salt water smartphones
Give your smartphone salt water to drink, and you’re in for a costly replacement. But shouldn’t we be past this by now?
Sony D6503 Sirius “Z2” comparison: head-to-head with Xperia Z1, Z
Find out how Sony’s next flagship measures-up to some of its current models in these new Sony Sirius images.
Sony Xperia Z2: here’s what we want
What will the Xperia Z2 entail? We aren’t sure yet, but rumors are painting a pretty picture. Read our Sony Xperia Z2 wishes here!
This is how Sony can improve its presence in the US
Can Sony succeed in the US? Judging by its smartphone performance in 2013, it’s a tough call. Read what Sony can do to turn things around stateside.
Sony Xperia Z1 for China now confirmed; begins to resolve Z1s mystery
See what we’ve learned from the confirmation of a Sony Xperia Z1 refresh, and what that means about an international Z1 Mini.
Sony Xperia Z1s mystery continues as phone hits China’s TENAA
Get the details on the latest development in the ongoing Sony Xperia Z1s mystery.
Rethinking the Sony Xperia Z1s: not a Z1 mini, after all?
Get caught up with the very confusing rumors surrounding the Sony Xperia Z1s mystery.
Sony Xperia Z1S appears back on camera as questions get raised about its name
Rumor was, Sony intended to launch the international version of the Xperia…
Nexus 5 compared to other flagships
Google’s latest smartphone is here, but how does it measure up against the rest of this year’s flagships? Find out with our Nexus 5 comparisons.
Sony Xperia Z1 software update said to improve camera
The Sony Xperia Z1 software update is claimed to improve the camera performance of the phone. Check out these samples.
Why can’t Sony get it right?
Sony’s latest smartphones are great, but they lack a certain X factor that set them apart from the crowd. Read on to learn how Sony smartphones lack soul.
phone wet
Sony Xperia Z1 review: the king of waterproof phones
How does the Sony Xperia Z1 cope with the fierce competition? Find out that, plus much more, in or Sony Xperia Z1 review, below!
Pocketnow Weekly 062: iPhone launch day, Xperia Z1, Lumia 1520 & more
We cover the Xperia Z1, LG G2, Lumia 1520, & BlackBerry Z30 in this podcast – but dudes, it’s also iPhone launch day. The iOS is strong with this episode.
Pocketnow Weekly 060: IFA 2013, Live from Berlin!
From the Galaxy Note family to the Galaxy Gear, to Sony’s Z1 and LG’s G Pad, and so much more: our IFA 2013 Live (sorta) podcast is ready for your ears!
Sony’s Xperia Z1 is finally a phone worthy of the Sony brand
I still remember the time when Brandon unboxed the first-ever Sony Ericsson…
Sony announces Xperia Z1, Cyber-shot QX-series lens-style cameras
Get the details from the Sony Xperia Z1 launch event, happening today at the IFA 2013.