Sony can’t stop Fortnite crossplay from getting better on Android
As they’re running Android, Sony Xperia phones have now joined the Fortnite fray with HTC and Motorola phones and everyone else!
Sony Xperia XZ and XZs get Android Oreo from today
There are the basic Android 8.0 features such as notification dots, but then there are the Sony features that may get into future editions of Android.
Original Sony Xperia XZ drops to new all-time low price of $305 at B&H
It may be a year old, but the first-gen Sony Xperia XZ brings plenty to the table for your $305, including a 5.2-inch Full HD screen and Oreo on the way.
Sony Xperia XZs joins company’s discount party at $500 across numerous US retailers
Available earlier this year for as much as $700, the unlocked Sony Xperia XZs currently fetches just $500 at Amazon, Best Buy and B&H.
Sony confirms Android 8.0 Oreo plans for nearly a dozen ‘old’ Xperias, but not the Z5 family
Android 8.0 Oreo will soon roll out to a bunch of Sony Xperia devices, including the X, X Performance, X Compact, XZ, XA1 and XA1 Ultra.
Behold the first official Sony Xperia XZ1 images in black and pink
It looks like those leaked hands-on photographs and CAD-based renders were spot on in capturing the familiar, unremarkable Sony Xperia XZ1.
Familiar-looking Sony Xperia XZ1 stars in freshly leaked hands-on photos and CAD renders
The design of the upcoming Sony Xperia XZ1 holds no more secrets following two detailed new visual leaks, with a bunch of specs also revealed.
Presumed Sony Xperia X Compact follow-up benchmarked with 720p screen, Snapdragon 835
This G8441 has to be an IFA 2017-bound sequel for last year’s Sony Xperia X Compact, with 720p screen resolution and a Snapdragon 835 SoC in tow.
In keeping with tradition, Sony goes to IFA 2017 for the likely launch of its next flagship(s)
Sony already promised a couple more high-end smartphones this year, and where could they be unveiled if not at IFA Berlin?
One of Sony’s late 2017 flagship phones is in testing with Android 8.0 and Full HD screen
With model numbers G8341 and G8342, one of Sony’s next-gen hero phones is set to follow the original Xperia XZ on the Full HD screen resolution boat.
Sony Xperia XZ Premium pre-orders kick off stateside at Amazon and Best Buy
The good news is the Snapdragon 835-powered, 4K HDR-capable Sony Xperia XZ Premium is finally launching in the US. The price is the bad.
Sony reveals it still has two more flagship phones planned for 2017, no Xperia X Compact sequel
Sony’s “premium standard” smartphone line is apparently dead and buried, X Compact included, with two more high-enders instead in the works.
Sony Xperia XZ price tumbles to $340 on eBay in black, platinum and blue
Once upon a time, not that long ago, priced at an absurdly high $700, the unlocked Sony Xperia XZ now goes for a measly $340 from a trusted eBay seller.
Unlocked Sony Xperia XZs gets $80 discount just one month after its US debut
It’s only taken Amazon a few weeks to mark down the unlocked GSM Sony Xperia XZs from $700 to $620 in black.
At least one British retailer can ‘confirm’ Sony Xperia XZ Premium shipping for around May 22
The Snapdragon 835-powered Sony Xperia XZ Premium that wowed back at MWC is still not actually up for grabs, but it may roll out in a few weeks.
Sony starts official Android 7.1.1 update process for Xperia XZ and X Performance
Believe it or not, last year’s Sony Xperia XZ and X Performance are receiving Android 7.1.1 goodies before this year’s Samsung Galaxy S8 or LG G6.
Amazon opens Sony Xperia XZs pre-orders stateside at $699 for April 5 launch
With state-of-the-art cameras in tow, but only a 5.2-inch Full HD screen and Snapdragon 820 processor, the US Sony Xperia XZs feels slightly overpriced.
Sony Xperia XZ on eBay going for $430, more than a third off
The Xperia XZ had top-of-the-line spec lines for 2016 and it did rather well for a little while, but it’s not a blockbuster. It’s still a hot deal, though.
That surprising Sony Xperia XZ Premium is apparently the first commercial Snapdragon 835 phone
Is the Galaxy S8 running out of buzz and wow factor now that the Sony Xperia XZ Premium is confirmed to roll out first with Snapdragon 835 inside?
Sony Xperia XZ Premium comes with 4K HDR display, Motion Eye camera, Snapdragon 835
The surprisingly hot new Sony Xperia XZ Premium tries to make 4K screen resolution happen again, packing a lot of impressive technologies… on paper.
Next-gen Sony Xperia XZ and XZ Premium expected to launch with ‘Motion Eye’ cameras… eventually
Sony’s 2017 flagship Android phones are likely still a ways off, but when they eventually come out, the XZs and XZ Premium should wow with their cameras.
Sony Mobile had another weak quarter, selling just 5 million Xperias over the holidays
Not only are Sony smartphones unprofitable or barely profitable these days, also selling in negligible numbers worldwide quarter after quarter.
Best Buy shaves $200 off unlocked Sony Xperia XZ, $100 off Xperia X Compact
In the market for one of Sony’s two robust late 2016-released smartphones? Both the Xperia XZ and X Compact are now cheaper than ever before at Best Buy.
Possible Sony Xperia XA Ultra sequel benchmarked with 4GB RAM, Android 7.0
The 2017 edition of the phablet-sized mid-range Sony Xperia XA Ultra will likely pack 4GB RAM in addition to a Helio P20 processor.
User Agent Profiles of two new Sony phones list MediaTek P20
Both phones have some important codenames to turn the page on 2016 while MediaTek gets a new chipset going in the market for 2017.