Czech Republic teased with Sony Xperia XZ, Xperia X Compact
Both the Xperia XZ (which may have been the Xperia XR and the F8331 in a past life) and the Xperia X Compact were revealed for a brief moment.
IFA 2016: What to expect (spoiler alert: a lot)
Samsung, Huawei and Sony are only a few of the companies looking to unveil exciting new gadgets at IFA 2016 in Berlin, with surprises possibly in store too.
Say hello to our little friend – the upcoming Sony Xperia X Compact
This rendered Sony Xperia X Compact is almost certainly the highly anticipated Z5 Compact follow-up some feared would never come to pass.
What looks to be Sony Xperia XR, PlayStation 4 Neo pass by FCC
One device was marked explicitly at the FCC as a mobile phone while the other device is listed to have ports that a modern PlayStation would have.
Sony’s IFA 2016 invitation is cryptic, weird and eclectic, previewing lots of new gadgets
Xperia XR? Xperia C6 Ultra? Maybe an Xperia Z5 Tablet or Sony SmartWatch 4? The company’s IFA 2016 invite unfortunately doesn’t answer many questions.
Sony Xperia XR (F8331) shows up in high-res renders ahead of probable September launch
We’re likely only a few weeks away from the IFA introduction of the Sony Xperia XR, aka F8331, with a USB Type-C port and dual LED flash rear cam in tow.