Sony ceases support for more than a dozen phones, including Xperia S, ion, P, U, arc S, and more

Sony ceases support for more than a dozen phones, including Xperia S, ion, P, U, arc S, and more. If you want to check the status of your own, read on!

Why can’t Sony get it right?

Sony’s latest smartphones are great, but they lack a certain X factor that set them apart from the crowd. Read on to learn how Sony smartphones lack soul.

Sony Gets Specific About Android Jelly Bean Updates For Its Phones

Sony has published information about its plans to upgrade some of its phones to Android Jelly Bean. Read to find out whether yours is on the list.

Sony Flash Tool Restores Official ROMs To Unlocked Androids

Discover how Sony users who have unlocked their bootloaders can now return to stock Sony ROMs.

Sony Xperia S Subject To AOSP Experiment

Check out this new experiment for the Sony Xperia S which aims to include the phone in the Android Open Source Project.

Upcoming Sony Xperia SL Pops Up With Faster CPU, More Colors

In the image above you can allegedly see the new color options (or some of them). The phone is also rumored to pack a faster processor, replacing the 1.5GHz Snapdragon on the Xperia S with a new, faster, 1.7GHz Snapdragon (S3)

Sony Shoots-Down Chances Of Jelly Bean For Last Year’s Androids

While the fate of only a couple models has been confirmed things aren’t looking good for Jelly Bean on any 2011 Sony models.

Sony Refusing Warranty Repairs On Unlocked Androids. Is It Right To Do So?

Is an unlocked bootloader a valid reason for not servicing hardware failures on an smartphone?

Sony Brings Trio Of Xperia Androids To US Shores

Sony’s Xperia S, Xperia U, and Xperia P are now available direct from Sony for US sales.

Sony Xperia SL To Offer CPU Bump, New Colors?

The Sony Xperia SL will supposedly see a CPU clock increase to 1.7GHz, and get at least two new color options.

Xperia SL: Just What Could Sony Be Planning?

Sony appears to be preparing an Xperia SL for the Indonesian market – what hardware changes could be in store?

Sony Re-Releases Some ICS Updates As Users Are Facing Errors

On June 21, Sony has finally decided to release the official Ice…

Sony Finally Brings ICS To Xperia S, Hits Q2 Target

Sony’s 200MB Xperia S Update starts becoming available to owners of the handset today.

Sony Xperia S Will Get ICS During “Latter Part of Q2”

We hate to bring you the bad news but we’re just as disappointed as you probably will be after reading this. Xperia S will get the ICS update during latter part of Q2.

Sony Xperia S Getting ICS Update Late May / Early June

According to official wording from Support on the Sony forum, the Xperia S will receive its Ice Cream Sandwich treat sometime in late May or early June

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