TENAA sights out what looks to be Xiaomi Mi A2

It looks a lot like the Xiaomi Mi 5X or Mi A1, so it would make sense to see what might happen with an evolution of the Android One series.

Xiaomi Mi A1 users getting a chance to beta test stock Android Oreo

Stock software is all fun and games until it’s time to update it. That’s what the Android One-designated Xiaomi Mi A1 is trying to avoid: un-fun.

Nearly 200,000 appointments booked to look at the Xiaomi 5X

And the number should only continue to grow in the run-up to the sales date of July 26. Of course, what actuates will differ.

Mid-range specs and sensible pricing tipped for offline-only Xiaomi 5X smartphone

The Xiaomi 5X should be the first phone of a series aimed expressly at offline customers, with a dual rear camera in tow and fairly reasonable pricing.