Microsoft acquires Groove Music, Canadian app similar to Songza

Canadian startup Groove has been acquired by Microsoft. It draws against a move by Google to subsume a similar machine-learning music service called Songza.

Microsoft Zune services reach end of the road in November

Microsoft’s attempt at hatching up an iPod competitor back in 2006 didn’t…

Microsoft announces Groove, the new face of Xbox Music

What was once Xbox Music is now Microsoft Groove, the company’s latest face for its streaming music services.

Microsoft announces Cortana app for Android and iOS

Cross-platform Cortana is nearly here, with an Android app confirmed for next month.

Microsoft Work and Play bundle returns, with big savings on subscription services

Check out the return of the Microsoft Work and Play bundle, with more than $400 worth of subscription services.

Xbox Music animated Live Tile to return?

Learn more about the recent changes that could come to the Xbox Music application, as there are leaked photos that show an animated Live Tile in the works.

Is a new Microsoft Xbox Music Locker in the works?

Microsoft has done a fairly decent job with its Xbox Music service,…

Xbox Music on iOS & Android vs. Windows Phone 8 & Windows 8 (Video)

Xbox Music for iOS and Android are now available. Find out how they compare to their equivalents on Windows Phone and Windows 8.

Windows Phone’s Xbox Music Store now includes playlists and mixtapes

Windows Phone 8’s Music Store was updated with support for the playlists that were so great back in the Zune days.

The Best Part of Windows Phone 7 is Now the Worst Part of Windows Phone 8

Find out how one of the best parts of Windows Phone 7 has become one of the most frustrating and poorly done parts of Windows Phone 8.

The Pocketnow Weekly Podcast, Episode 037

From new topics like the HTC One and rumored Amazon smartphone, to nostalgia trips into webOS-memory land, this week’s Pocketnow Weekly podcast has it all. Give it a listen for all the mobile-tech talk your ears can handle.

Microsoft May Bring Cloud-Based Music To SkyDrive

See why Microsoft’s Xbox Music cloud locker may end up manifesting as a SkyDrive feature.

Windows Phone 7.8 To Include More Than Just New Live Tiles

Microsoft’s interim Windows Phone 7.8 will be getting more than just a new face when it finally debuts. Read on to see what added features are in store.

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