Spotify on Windows Store coming soon for PC

The app is coming to all Windows 10 platforms if “all” is just the PC through a Project Centennial port. Sorry, Windows 10 Mobile fans.

Qualcomm further confirms ARM-based Windows 10 devices are coming soon with Snapdragon 835

Windows 10 should run on at least one ARM-based mobile processor by the end of the year inside 2-in-1 PCs, according to Qualcomm.

Why is the Microsoft Store pruning Lumia stock?

Could this be a sign that a major release is coming that can put Microsoft in position to break from its Lumia past? Or will the wait go on?

ARM64-x86 emulation shown off for Snapdragon-powered full Windows 10 phones

Microsoft and Qualcomm announced that future Snapdragon chipsets will support full Windows 10 through x86 emulation. Cellular is a big deal here.

Surface Phone rumors include specs, prototype progress on x86-ARM64 emulation

Emulation is expected to be included in the Redstone 3 update of Windows 10 coming late next year. Only one Surface Phone prototype can support it.

Thurrott: Dell’s Intel-powered Windows phone at standstill, indicative of Surface Phone challenges

The device was rendered out to be an incredibly thin device and leaked by Evan Blass to be run on an x86 architecture. That proved too big a challenge.

Hewlett-Packard Will Focus On Windows 8 and Intel For Its Tablets

Hewlett-Packard, the largest maker of personal computers, will only go with the Intel chip (at least at the beginning) for its Windows tablets.