Vivo X7 and X7 Plus enter the scene with slim profiles, big batteries, 16MP front cams

The Vivo X7 and X7 Plus have made the rumor rounds, and are now official in China, where they’ll start at $375 with robust specs and premium designs.

A few more vivo X7 specs out thanks to TENAA listing

The vivo X7 and X7 Plus are set for a debut this week, but we get a few extra tidbits of what one of the phones is packing inside.

Okay, we’ve seen this vivo X7 Plus before…

Yeah, it’s not exactly the most inspiring design we’ve seen out of Infinite Loo-I mean China, but vivo is number three in the Chinese market.

Vivo X7 launch day is June 30 with Plus variant and specs told

It’s not as groundbreaking as the Vivo Xplay 5 with its 6GB of RAM, but there’s something worth finding within the X7 and X7 Plus.