LG X cam, X screen to hit markets in Europe, Latin America and Asia
These new mid-rangers from LG have one standout hardware feature. And they’re about to head out from South Korea.
LG X screen & LG X cam hands-on: flagship features go mid-range (Video)
We’ve got new mid-rangers on the mind as we swing by LG’s MWC booth for our LG X cam video hands-on.
Maybe the LG G5 actually won’t have a V10-style secondary screen
Despite early rumors pointing to an LG G5 secondary screen, the flagship may launch without the feature.
lg g5
Four more LG ‘specialist’ phones in the works: X max, X speed, X style, and X power
LG has big plans when it comes to mid-range smartphone diversity this year, with the X max, X speed, X style, and X power all in the pipeline.
Blass sees the LG G5 and it has a second screen
LG’s flagship Android smartphone to be launched right before MWC in Barcelona is rumored to carry over a feature first seen on the V10.
LG takes what its learned and applies it to midrange X cam, X screen
One of them has two cameras on the back and a Full HD screen while the other steals away another screen from a bigger brother. Both will be at MWC.