LG X power 2 will finally bring its ginormous battery to (Korean) market in early June
A one-trick pony? Perhaps, but what a spectacular trick for the 4500 mAh battery-packing LG X power 2 that’s finally right around the corner.
Comcast previews Xfinity Mobile for its internet subscribers
The service is available only to Xfinity Internet subscribers and is intended to go after postpaid carriers with unlimited data and Wi-Fi hotspots.
LG X power2 packs in 4,500mAh battery to a phone you’ll probably buy on prepaid
It’s a budget phone with a big battery that will be most accessible to prepaid subscribers. What more can we really ask for?
Sprint kicks off Virgin Mobile ‘relaunch’ with five free months of service for LG X Power buyers
Sprint’s wireless business-disrupting “relaunch” of prepaid operator Virgin Mobile starts with a sweet but experimental and limited Best Buy deal.
Cricket Wireless takes a full 50 percent off Galaxy S7’s list price for Cyber Monday
Believe it or not, Galaxy S7’s best Cyber Monday deal is Cricket’s “doing”, with the small prepaid carrier charging just $325 today and tomorrow.
US Cellular nets LG X power, G Pad X II
The nation’s fifth largest carrier gets an enduring LG Android smartphone and a classic Android tablet for some fairly affordable prices.
Boost Mobile gets LG X power, so does Sprint
LG touts that this phone has a battery to last most of us two days. And all it will cost to Sprint and Boost customers is $130.
Cricket snags LG X power for August 26 launch at $159.99
With a 4.1Ah battery pack, the budget-minded LG X power is ready to last through the days of some Cricket Wireless subscribers.
Mid-range LG X5, X power and X skin are unveiled and fully detailed in Korea
The mid-end, budget-conscious LG X smartphone family grows by three fully detailed new members today, at least in Korea.
LG X series announced with quartet of new smartphones: X power, X mach, X style and X max
LG has announced four new smartphones that join the X family. The new LG X series adds the X power, X mach, X style and X max.
lg g5
Four more LG ‘specialist’ phones in the works: X max, X speed, X style, and X power
LG has big plans when it comes to mid-range smartphone diversity this year, with the X max, X speed, X style, and X power all in the pipeline.