Google Glass Enterprise Edition is real, official and already in use at 50+ companies
The consumer-centric part of the “moonshot” is still on hold, at the very least, but the long-rumored Google Glass Enterprise Edition is quickly spreading.
OnePlus X hands-on (Video)
In our OnePlus X hands-on video we’re taking a closer look at the build, materials, specs, and price, of the newly announced phone, plus more! Check it out!
OnePlus One review, Fire Phone hands-on, Microsoft’s future and more | Pocketnow Weekly podcast 105 (Hangout)
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Nokia X
Microsoft to repurpose planned Nokia X Androids as WP models
See what Stephen Elop had to say about future Nokia X Android phones, and why this is looking for many to be the death of Nokia X as we know it.
Nokia X2 could be on the way, suggests benchmark
Nokia’s Android smartphone effort could already be getting a reboot, as we are now seeing a possible Nokia X2 benchmarked with specs similar to the Moto E.
Is Nokia uploading Android apps to its Nokia Store before devs even give approval?
Find out what’s getting some devs so upset about the Nokia App Store and the lengths Nokia is going to to bring it new apps.
Smartphone giveaway: win an unlocked Nokia X from Pocketnow and Negri Electronics!
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Nokia X unboxing and giveaway teaser (Video)
We peel the wraps off Nokia’s new dual-SIM Android phone … and give you an early hint how to take it home after we’re done. Watch our Nokia X unboxing!
Nokia downplays Nokia X app availability concerns
Worried that the Nokia X doesn’t have the apps you need? Nokia’s trying to convince shoppers otherwise with its new Nokia Store apps promo.
Nokia XL
Hacking a Nokia X can turn it into a real Android
The Nokia X looks like some sort of Windows Phone knock-off, but buried underneath is another OS. Here’s how to turn your Nokia X into a real Android.
iPhone 6 display with no bezels leaks, HTC M8 video, Microsoft Cortana & more – Pocketnow Daily
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Google Now Launcher, Play Store running on Nokia X
Nokia may be trying to keep the Nokia X at arm’s length from Google, but that hasn’t stopped one dev getting the Nokia X running Google launcher software.
Pocketnow Weekly 085: MWC 2014 wrap-up from Team Barcelona
All the news from Barcelona, brought to you by the guys reporting on it: the Pocketnow Weekly is back with MWC 2014 Samsung, Sony, Nokia news & more!
Devs working to bring Nokia app store to Androids everywhere
Curious what Nokia’s app store will look like on the Play-Store-less Nokia X? Work is ongoing to bring the Nokia X app store to other Androids.
Nokia confirms which nations won’t get the Nokia X
Find out which countries aren’t set to see any Nokia X availability at all.
Nokia X
The Nokia X isn’t a “real” Android phone – here’s why
At MWC 2014 we got our hands on the Nokia X family of phones. They run a customized version of Android – so customized, you can’t even tell it’s Android.
The Nokia Android phone(s): Nokia X, X+, XL launch at MWC
The Nokia Android phone just became a reality in three distinct flavors. Read on for the story from MWC 2014!
Beyond Nokia X: company could have two additional Androids in the works
While the Nokia X is expected to debut on Monday, a new rumor suggest that at least two more Nokia Androids could be under development.
Nokia MWC notice features a big, green “X”
This big Nokia green X in the company’s new MWC notice sure has us thinking about project Normandy.
Apparent Nokia X teaser leaks, heavy on the Android green
The latest leaked pics of Nokia’s Android smartphone emerge, in a green-heavy Nokia X teaser.
What’s Nokia up to with this new green makeover?
This afternoon has seen Nokia going green across social media platforms; is there a method to its madness?
Nokia X (Normandy) could end up being stupid cheap
See why the Nokia X price is looking to be seriously low, and what that could mean for its competition.
Nokia X will be part of the Asha line-up, coming to India in March, claims report
The Nokia X will be part of the Asha line-up, and it will be coming to India in March, according to a recent report that quotes an unnamed Nokia executive.
Additional Nokia X prototype images surface
As we’re getting closer to the rumored launch date, we’re seeing additional Nokia X prototype images surface. Check them out, as it’s the Normandy!
Nokia X specs leaked, doesn’t look like it will make spec-waves
The Nokia X specs leaked today and those of you who are looking for a powerhouse should stay away, if these rumors turn out to be true. Check the details!