Apple Maps vs. Google Maps (Video)

Nearly three years ago, Apple released its Maps app. Prior to September…

iOS 9 could complicate things for apps and legacy devices

Learn more about some new limitations that Apple is providing to developers with the launch of iOS 9, as it seems that Cupertino wants to phase out the old.

Apple WWDC developments, Galaxy S6 Active, and rumored Motorola hardware | Pocketnow Weekly 152

This week’s Pocketnow Weekly takes a look back at all the WWDC 2015 developments, dives into the latest smartphone rumors, and checks out some new handsets.

iOS 9 Beta 1 Hands-on: More mature by the update

Watch our hands-on tour of Apple’s new iOS 9, as it brings much more than what was announced at WWDC 2015 in the recent keynote

iOS 9 improves a couple of its default security settings

Learn more about some of the security improvements that Apple is bringing to the table with iOS 9, as passwords need to get more complex it seems.

Further Apple Music details arrive: catalog limitations, offline mode, free access

As we learn more and more Apple Music details, we’re getting a better understanding of how it seeks to compete in a crowded field.

Apple Music isn’t the only Android app Apple’s cooking up, as migration tool emerges

Hear about the other Android app Apple has in the works, as the company shares news of the forthcoming Move to iOS Android app.

Join us for our WWDC 2015 Editorial Roundtable at 4:00 PM Eastern

Apple’s WWDC 2015 happens later today, and you bet there is a lot to cover from Cupertino’s most prominent software event of the year. Join us!

Apple introduces Apple Music with 24/7 global radio and cross-platform support

Just as anticipated, this year’s WWDC brings us word of the new streaming radio service, Apple Music.

Apple brings multi-window app support to the iPad

The iPad gets the ability to view multiple apps at once, including the new Split View mode.

Apple Maps gets major improvements with iOS 9

Learn more about Apple Maps, as Apple has finally decided to bring Public Transit options to its maps service, something that’s taken for ever.

Apple shares what’s next for Apple Pay, including international expansion

WWDC 2015 brings word of Apple Pay international availability, as UK access looms.

Apple announces OS X El Capitan

Learn what’s new in Apple’s latest desktop release, as it shares news of OS X El Capitan.

Watch Apple WWDC 2015 here

Get ready to watch the Apple WWDC 2015 live stream, broadcasting later today.

Top 5 WWDC 2015 predictions (video)

Watch our Top 5 predictions for what to expect for Apple’s WWDC 2015 event, which happens on Monday. The company has a lot of success to keep pushing.

Apple WWDC 2015 preview: what we’re expecting

Get a quick look at all the Apple announcements we’re anticipating for next week with our WWDC 2015 preview.

Apple will live stream its WWDC 2015 keynote

Learn more about Apple’s plans to live stream its WWDC 2015 keynote, as Cupertino has just provided those interested with all the ways to watch it.

Apple subscription TV may not make it to WWDC 2015

Learn more about some of the delays that Apple seems to be facing in launching its TV subscription service for WWDC 2015, as things get rather complex.

Rumored iOS 9 improvements include security, optimization for older hardware

As WWDC looms, reports of possible iOS 9 features are getting more and more detailed, including a lot of new security features.

Apple Watch rumors look to new features arriving via update

Hear about all the rumored capabilities that could be coming to Apple’s smartwatch via future Apple Watch updates.

Apple sets the date for WWDC 2015

Apple has just gone official with this year’s WWDC 2015 dates, holding its conference from June 8 through June 12?

iOS 9 rumored to be what Snow Leopard was for the Mac

Learn more about the the possible improvements that we might see in the launch of iOS 9 at WWDC 2015, as it seems that Apple is back to conservative mode.