The iPhone’s awful ancestor – Worst Gadgets Ever, episode 004 (Video)
Before the first iPhone, there was the iTunes phone. It … wasn’t any good. Join us as we re-review this dumpster fire on Pocketnow’s Worst Gadgets Ever!
Worst Gadgets Ever, Episode 003: LG Optimus Vu / LG Intuition
The LG Optimus Vu -or LG Intuition to Verizon customers- is a very peculiar, very square Android smartphone. Watch our latest episode of Worst Gadgets Ever to see why the Vu never really took off.
Worst Gadgets Ever, Episode 2: Microsoft Kin
The Microsoft Kin was one of the most abysmal failures in the history of smartphones. Watch our video to see just how bad it was – or wasn’t.
Worst Gadgets Ever, Episode 1: Kyocera Echo
On the first episode of our new series Worst Gadgets Ever, see what made Sprint’s Kyocera Echo -an Android smartphone with two screens- such a flop.