Microsoft Word Flow 2.0 has Bing-powered GIF search, contact and business lookup

The big “Bing” heard around iOS. You can chew through GIFs, restaurants and a whole bunch more and spit it out into your conversation.

Microsoft Word Flow keyboard brings its curved one-handed typing to iOS

Just a couple weeks after Microsoft Word Flow keyboard beta testing started on iOS, the app is making its public release.

Microsoft Word Flow keyboard enters beta testing on iOS with one-handed curved Arc mode

Microsoft’s Word Flow iOS beta has entered private testing, giving iOS users a curved-keyboard option.

Microsoft said to buy Swiftkey, but will the company take full advantage? [UPDATE: confirmed]

Swiftkey made $12.1 million in 2014. Will Microsoft make the most of bettering its mobile software services with some fresh “language technology?”

Microsoft Word Flow keyboard on iOS has arced, one-handed config

The Microsoft Word Flow keyboard on iOS is in beta right now and it builds upon a years-old project to ease the typing experience on one hand.