Apple may be considering to move iPhone flagship production to India

India may be a great option for Apple and its iPhone production to avoid Trump´s possible tariffs and other political issues in China

Apple (and suppliers) ready for $9 billion court battle with Qualcomm

Apple’s contracted iPhone manufacturers are ready to face off with the chipmaker and perhaps rake up to $27 billion in damages if arguments go their way.

Apple predicts dire consequences settling with Qualcomm over China iPhone ban

Apple is scrambling to update iPhones in China to avoid utilizing Qualcomm patents, but wants to fight off settlement and avoid “unrecoverable losses.”

Supply chain deflated as Apple slows iPhone XR orders

The iPhone XR is not doing as well as investors have led us to think, at least for the current moment. It’s especially hurting suppliers right now.

Wistron now making iPhone 6s in India as Apple looks at expansion

The iPhone 6s is replacing the iPhone SE for local production and sales. It’s expected to be more popular and save Apple from more taxes.

Apple is 20 percent less confident in the success of its 2018 iPhones than 2017 variants

Apple may want to manufacture around 80 million of those three 2018 iPhones, down 20 percent from the initial production target of the 2017 generation.

Wistron India plant getting started with iPhone 6s Plus production

Apple’s manufacturing partner in India has worked on producing the iPhone SE for domestic consumers. With import taxes rising, this could be a good salve on the price of the popular iPhone model.

India plants to make iPhone SE 2 for release later this year

Apple has invested with a partner to build and run a factory in India just so it can sell its own phones in the country. It might put the factory to better use than it currently does.

iPhone 8 Plus water resistance in question after shutdown of Wistron production line

Industry reports claim that counterfeit parts were used in the waterproofing of the phone, leading Apple to punish the assembler.

iPhone SE 2 talk revived for first half of 2018

Another four-inch iPhone is coming our way fairly soon, according to industry sources. And a lot of them will come out of India.

iPhone 8 production now speeding up as Taiwan suppliers report better revenue

Components suppliers are reporting better sales for the month of July this year than they had last year, partly thanks to renewed iPhone 8 hype.

Next iPhone SE could come completely from India

A faster Touch ID sensor, same form factor and a new point of origin. But when will it come and how much will an iPhone SE 2 cost?

Apple starting to make iPhones in India including iPhone SE

Sources say that the company, with manufacturer Wistron, is also making iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s devices from a plant in Bangalore.

The conundrum of selling used iPhones in India rolls on

Apple wants to sell its iPhones directly to consumers. It’s working on factories with a partner firm, but it wants permission to sell cheaper phones.

Apple is closer than ever to making iPhones in India, according to multiple reports

After years of tough negotiations, both Apple and the Indian government seem to suggest a deal to locally build iPhones is almost in place.

Gigantic 6.45-inch Windows Phone shown-off at Computex

Yes, there is a market for phones that are just too big…