TPCAST debuts wireless adapter for Oculus Rift in North America

The Rift and a good PC are as affordable as they have ever been, but if a wireless experience is what you want, TPCAST hopes you’ll spend a bit more.

TPCast announces shipping delay for HTC Vive wireless adapter

Chinese pre-orders are bound for several more weeks of wait and a few more goodies to compensate for them. Global availability is expected for Q2.

HTC Vive TPCast wireless adapter, Tracker, Deluxe Audio Strap all coming in Q2

At CES 2017, HTC Vive also announced a Tracker device for motion-tracked peripherals and a Deluxe Audo Strap with integrated headphones.

HTC Vive VR headset can go wireless with $220 TPCast ‘upgrade kit’

Starting early next year, select HTC Vive headset owners in China will be able to enjoy a wireless high-end PC VR experience.