LG Tone Studio and Tone Free wearable audio products blast off in CES 2017 lead-up
LG looks keen to “bring new level of wearable sound innovation” to CES 2017, although the Tone Studio and Tone Free seem a little weird.
Samsung’s CES 2017 announcements begin with the ‘future of audio’
Samsung might be looking to unveil three mid-range Android phones and a high-end Windows tablet at CES 2017, but first, a “dumb” wireless speaker.
Is the Samsung Scoop another looming Amazon Echo rival, or just a dumb old wireless speaker?
The Federal Communications Commission is surprisingly forward about the design of an upcoming wireless speaker codenamed Samsung Scoop.
Meizu finally decides to pursue its American dream, but not with phones
The first Meizu product officially brought to US shores is not one of the Chinese company’s exciting low-cost phones, but a unique-looking Wi-Fi speaker.