Xiaomi’s AirDots are new wireless earphones for just $30
The new Xiaomi AirDots may be a good and inexpensive option if you want Bluetooth wireless earphones to connect to your jack-less smartphone
OPPO O-Free headphones go well with Find X handset while packing new Qualcomm SoC
Priced at the equivalent of $105 in China, the “truly wireless” OPPO O-Free Blueooth earbuds are powered by a brand-new QCC3026 chip.
OnePlus Bullets Wireless are coming to India for the first time on June 19
June 19 is when those OnePlus Bullets Wireless headphones are returning to most global markets, as well as debuting in India.
Gone in ‘less than 24 hours’, the OnePlus 6 Silk White will return on June 12
No one knows when those Bullets Wireless will go back in stock after a lightning fast first round of sales, but the OnePlus 6 Silk White is returning soon.
OnePlus Bullets Wireless already out of stock worldwide, another OP6 variant also unavailable in the US
Those AirPods-rivaling OnePlus Bullets Wireless earphones are already no longer available for sale, and although the Silk White OnePlus 6 still ships “immediately” in the US, both Midnight Black versions are now out of stock.
Google Assistant not listening to Bluetooth headset on Pixel 2
Setting up Google Assistant’s hot phrase detection on a Bluetooth earpiece does not seem to produce the results that Pixel 2 users would like to hear.
Google Pixel Buds are finally getting shipped
The Insta-Google Translate earbuds are finally coming near enough to hear. And it was only 5 weeks ago that pre-orders came in.
Leaked renders and new rumors fully expose first Fitbit smartwatch and wireless earbuds
That oft-rumored, oft-delayed first full-on Fitbit smartwatch is rendered in press-friendly quality today, alongside the company’s wireless headphones.
Wireless BeatsX earphones available this week to give AirPods a run for their money
If you don’t like Apple’s own-brand AirPods or can’t find them in stock, look for Cupertino’s other wireless earbuds starting February 10.