LG announces Meridian audio-tuned Tone+ wireless earbuds

LG is throwing in its own competitor in the true wireless earbuds game, with the newly announced Tone+, which are tuned by Meridian Audio

BRAVEN announces rugged speaker and wireless earbud line-ups

ZAGG sub-brand BRAVEN has announced its line-up of rigged BRV speakers, consisting of the BRV-XXL/2, BRV-XL, BRV-X/2 and BRV-MINI.

AirPods updated with wireless charging case, new silicon

You can place the new AirPods charging case on a Qi charging pad. It costs $79. No, not the AirPods themselves. Those cost more.

Tipster says 15-minute wireless charges for Apple AirPods

Second-generation AirPods have consistently been rumored to be able to charge wirelessly. But this leak proclaims incredulous speed.

Need accessories? Look to the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Buds

The Galaxy Fit mini-band also should get exercisers who are looking for something to wear all the time locked into their health stats.

Huawei Mate 20 will have the handiest wireless charging feature… but you have to buy into it

Are you going to spend upwards of $160 to take advantage of it? It brings high-quality, cable-free listening to your devices.

Don’t get scammed when going for an AirPods discount on Amazon

If you’re taking advatage of a $15 coupon Amazon’s offering for Apple’s wireless earbuds, don’t take the deceptive bait of the “NEW.” We explain.

OPPO O-Free headphones go well with Find X handset while packing new Qualcomm SoC

Priced at the equivalent of $105 in China, the “truly wireless” OPPO O-Free Blueooth earbuds are powered by a brand-new QCC3026 chip.

Silk White OnePlus 6 and OnePlus Bullets Wireless availability begins June 5

A limited batch of the snazziest OnePlus 6 variant is officially going on sale tomorrow morning, June 5, along with those AirPods-undercutting Bullets Wireless earphones.

Sony Xperia Ear Duo now available for pre-order at $279.99

The concept product is now available from b8ta for pre-order and will be up for pre-order until Amazon starts selling it in three weeks.

Mobvoi introduces $129 TicPods Free at $79 on Indiegogo

That was at the Super Early Bird stage, though you can still get great discounts even at the higher tiers. All for wireless earbuds that have more colors than AirPods.

Indian pricing for OnePlus 6 is as bad as we’re thinking it is

Well, at least in affirming that price increases are inevitable with every new OnePlus phone. But there’s that nasty $750 price point for the top-end OnePlus 6 again.

OnePlus Bullets Wireless spotted with Bluetooth certification

Wireless earbuds have been around for a couple of years now, but they’ve only come from a few reputable brands. Will OnePlus disrupt this price space?

Huawei FreeBuds last twice as long as AirPods on a charge

They also have a different earbud design which sticks into the ear canal for better noise isolation. And they cost just as much as AirPods.

Second-gen AirPods to come with noise-canceling early 2019, says Barclays

What features will be in the next pair of AirPods? We’re getting a couple more puzzle pieces here, but still don’t have a complete picture. We do have noise on launch dates, though.

Cheaper MacBook Air revival expected in spring and other Apple speculation

Unknown yet is what parts will go into the upgraded 13-inch MacBook models, but it might just be that we could see a sub-$999 MacBook Air soon.

The iPhone SE 2 and MWC 2018 | #PNWeekly 293

In the midst of all the MWC coverage we’re pulling off, we’ve got to keep to our promise of a weekly mobile tech podcast. And we have the perfect iPhone to do it with. Yes, iPhone.

Google Pixel Buds now in Australia, Germany, UK

Previously only just available in the US and Canada, at least three more markets are now getting Google’s callback to the AirPods.

Apple is investigating AirPod that caught fire

What caused only one AirPod to swirl in smoke and then pop and spark during a workout? The user and Apple wants to know.

KGI: AirPod shipments may double to more than 26 million units in 2018

Apple will have a bigger year with its first wireless earbuds in 2018, especially if it can continue to keep supply at satisfactory levels.

Face ID might be coming to second-gen HomePod

Smart speakers are starting to come with cameras — take the Amazon Echo Look and Echo Show — so it’s fully expected that the next HomePod should get one.

Vodafone UK iPhone X pre-orders paired with free AirPods

The deal is pretty exclusive, though, with email invitations going out to a select group of UK residents. But it’s still a nice offer.

Chinese ODM made Google Pixel Buds, FCC docs say

Google came to HTC to make the Pixel 2 and went to LG for the Pixel 2 XL. It had several other products at the fore this month, including these earbuds.

No, the Pixel Buds aren’t just wireless earbuds with some plastic cable connecting them

The Pixel Buds are not going to come apart and still work. Put a pair of scissors to that cable and you’re done for in the warranty department.

Samsung Gear Sport and Gear IconX 2018 coming October 27

The new wireless earbuds will cost $199.99 while the sporty smartwatch will be $299.99 and they’ll be available for pre-order October 13.