Motorola over-the-air wireless charging
Motorola triples range for over-the-air wireless charging with its new charger
Motorola showcased its over-the-air wireless charging solution at CES this year, and it made some big upgrades and improvements to the technology.
These are the best wireless chargers for the AirPods Pro
Apple’s AirPods Pro is the go-to option for any iPhone owner, but…
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S20 and Note 20 devices are experiencing wireless charging issues
Check out the latest the latest problem affecting the Samsung Galaxy S20 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series after recent updates
Pocketnow Daily: Kuo: Huawei BEATS Apple in Sales, Even with the Ban?!(video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about how Huawei has kept on growing after the trade ban, new iPhone with Touch ID in 2021 and more
OnePlus 8 Pro
The new OnePlus 8 series may include wireless charging
It seems that OnePlus fans will finally receive wireless charging in the OnePlus 8 series
Limited edition Black AirUnleashed hands-on gallery
On Black Friday at the end of last month, AirUnleashed launched a Black limited edition of the charger (to match the space grey products you might have).
OPPO announces three new VOOC wired and wireless Flash Charge technologies
OPPO is taking charging one step further by announcing three new flash charge technologies that are crazy fast in topping up your phones.
Report: Huawei Mate 30, Mate 30 Pro to support 25W wireless charging
A Weibo report suggests that the upcoming Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro will be support 25W fast wireless charging. Check it out!
AirPods updated with wireless charging case, new silicon
You can place the new AirPods charging case on a Qi charging pad. It costs $79. No, not the AirPods themselves. Those cost more.
Tipster says 15-minute wireless charges for Apple AirPods
Second-generation AirPods have consistently been rumored to be able to charge wirelessly. But this leak proclaims incredulous speed.
vivo phones’ wireless charging may soon come far away from outlets or pads
The Chinese phone maker may be looking to enrich its cutting-edge products with long-range wireless charging technlogy from Energous with this new agreement.
OnePlus 7 wireless charging will still not be a feature
The OnePlus 7 will be missing a key feature available on most flagships these days. Wireless Charging wil not be on this phone either.
Qualcomm introduces Quick Charge for Wireless Power
Qualcomm introduced a new charging standard, called Quick Charge for Wireless Power, which aims to speed up wireless charging times.
Uncertainty around Apple timeline for AirPods 2, wireless charging case
Just today we heard that the AirPods 2 would be coming this spring. Now, there’s some reason to believe that they’ll be waiting for the fall instead.
Galaxy S10 reverse wireless charging
Samsung Galaxy S10 reverse wireless charging to charge new Gear Buds
We know that the Galaxy S10 reverse wireless charging feature will be useful but with the new Gear Buds it will be a battery life saver!
Apple’s AirPower charging mat already in production, claims report
According to unnamed sources from the supply chain, production for Apple’s AirPower has started and the launch is imminent.
Apple AirPower charging mat production to start this month?
According to recent reports, the Apple AirPower wireless charging mat will enter production later this month, after missing its target last year.
Is Wireless Charging coming to future OPPO and OnePlus phones?
OPPO has joined the Wireless Power Consortium which could very well mean QI wireless charging could come to future OPPO and OnePlus phones.
AT&T Power Drum revealed unofficially as 3,000mAh Qi dual-device charger
It can charge Apple and Samsung phones as well as the Apple Watch and it will cost about $100 whenever it launches for real.
2018 is over and Apple has broken its promise on the AirPower mat
Apple spoke of it in September of 2017 – a multi-device wireless charging mat. It said it would be coming in 2018. It’s not 2018 anymore. What happens now?
In lieu of AirPower pad, there’s the $79 Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock
The Apple Watch is getting a new way to charge: standing on its side. The new magnetic charging dock can’t charge three devices at once, though.
Samsung’s Black Friday deals begin November 16
Samsung, being the massive tech presence it is, has a raging tide of discounts for its fridges, tablets, phones, laptops, everything.
qualcomm wireless charging
Qualcomm: faster wired and wireless charging coming 2019
According to Qualcomm, the company is working on boosting both wired and wireless charging standards next year to save more time.
Pixel 3 fast wireless charging pads to be certified under Made for Google program
Currently, only the $79 Google-made Pixel Stand can charge the Pixel 3 at 10 watts. But soon, third-party pads will, too.
October 30 also date of Apple’s Mac and iPad Pro event
New iPad Pro models are expected to show up in Brooklyn at the end of the month as well as a few new Macs. Maybe even a wireless charging pad?