best smartphones with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SoC.

These are the best wireless chargers for the Galaxy S20

There are plenty of wireless chargers for your Samsung Galaxy S20 in the market, but we’ve selected the best ones available right now, enjoy.

Limited edition Black AirUnleashed hands-on gallery

On Black Friday at the end of last month, AirUnleashed launched a Black limited edition of the charger (to match the space grey products you might have).
Black AirUnleashed

Limited edition Black AirUnleashed introduced, available at discounted price

In celebration of Black Friday, the company doesn’t only discount the accessory, but it also introduces a limited edition Black AirUnleashed model.

Apple AirPower charging mat production to start this month?

According to recent reports, the Apple AirPower wireless charging mat will enter production later this month, after missing its target last year.

Leaked Pixel Stand could support fast charging for the Google Pixel 3

This new Pixel Stand will be one more in the Made By Google product lineup, and it would provide wireless charging for the Google Pixel 3
SIM-free iPhone XS

Deals you need if you want to fast charge your iPhone Xs

Amazon has some great one-day deals for all of you who want to get fast charging in your new iPhone Xs, Xs Max or any other mobile device

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 unlocked is already getting discounts on eBay

Deals keep on coming to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, now on an unlocked version with dual SIM capabilities and an extra deal is also available

Pre-order perks for Galaxy Note 8 teased by Blass [UPDATE]

microSD cards, 360-degree cameras, wireless chargers, oh my! Depending on where you are in the world, your Galaxy Note 8 might come with a DeX dock.

Samsung patent application shows off one wireless charger for phone and watch

Samsung is applying for a patent to protect a possible wireless charger design that can transmit power in horizontal and vertical orientations.

Wireless charger switched out for $50 rebate as Samsung Pay incentive

We’ve put the three major mobile payment services to the real-world test…

Microsoft DT-903 review: wireless charging is brighter than ever (Video)

Your Lumia just got a better -and brighter- charger than ever. Check out our Microsoft DT-903 review video to see the next-generation Qi plate in action!

Invisibly charge your smartphone or Moto 360: hands-on with the ZENS PuK (Video)

The ZENS PuK is a wireless charger meant to be embedded directly into furniture, and we’re taking it for a spin at the office in a quick hands-on video!

LG G3 first look, PadFone X AT&T impressions, Galaxy S5 Active surprise & more | Pocketnow Weekly 098

From LG’s flagship to Samsung’s ruggedized S5 to the PadFone X AT&T edition & beyond, this week’s podcast (with special guest Daniel Bader) has you covered!
zens qi portable battery

ZENS Qi-enabled portable battery makes charging truly wireless, almost

We’ve reviewed several portable batteries and quite a few wireless chargers. The ZENS Qi Portable Battery is the first we’ve seen that incorporates both.

ZENS Qi Wireless Portable Speaker review: big sound, small box (Video)

You wouldn’t expect big sound to come from such a small package, but that’s just one of the many surprises the ZENS Qi Wireless Speaker brings to the table.

The best Qi wireless chargers to use with your Nexus 5

Google’s latest flagship has been out for a little while and includes wireless charging support. Which are the best Qi wireless chargers for the Nexus 5?

The US Lumia 1520 has the wrong kind of wireless charging. Thanks, AT&T!

The world’s first Windows Phone phablet has the world’s best wireless charging standard – unless you buy it in the US.

ZENS Wireless Charging Flip Case for iPhone 5 review

Are you looking for wireless charging for your iPhone 5? Look no further! Read our review of the ZENS Flip Case for iPhone 5!

The best ways to wirelessly charge your new Nexus 7

Looking for a way to wirelessly charge the new Nexus 7? Look no further. Learn about the best Nexus 7 wireless chargers in this article!

Galaxy S 4 Wireless Charging Kit: Quick Review

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 wireless charger is here, and the company has sent one our way. Here’s what we think about this space-age, induction-powered soap dish.

Quick Look: TYLT Vu wireless charging dock (Video)

The TYLT Vu is a new Qi-compatible wireless charging dock for smartphones that melds practicality with aesthetics. Watch our Quick Look to learn more.

The Port-Free Smartphone: Fiction or the Future?

The idea of a smartphone devoid of ports is thrilling, frightening, and fantastic. And maybe a little stupid. Still, I want one, and maybe a little part of you does too. Read on to find out if that’s true.

Hands-On With the Nexus 4 Wireless Charger (Video)

The Nexus 4 Wireless Charger finally became available in the Play Store early last week. Taylor goes hands-on with the Nexus 4’s official wireless charging orb.