foldable smartphone

Foldable smartphone report details Samsung Galaxy F features

A new report reveals some of the details of the upcoming Galaxy F, the supposed Samsung foldable smartphone. Check them out!
foldable smartphone

Android Pie update mentions Samsung foldable smartphone and Snapdragon 8150

An Android Pie update for the Galaxy S9 contains mentions for both the mysterious Samsung foldable smartphone, and Snapdragon 855.
foldable smartphone

More Samsung foldable smartphone details emerge

More details emerge about Samsung’s upcoming foldable smartphone, including its codename and its alleged display principle.

Samsung’s first foldable phone moves closer to (limited) release, Galaxy S10 could debut at CES 2019

Codenamed “Valley” for many years, Samsung’s foldable smartphone project now carries a pompous “Winner” alias, reportedly eyeing a February 2019 public announcement. The more conventional Galaxy S10 could see daylight in January.