Microsoft’s “Centaurus” project aims to take on Lenovo’s Yoga Book format

While an Andromeda folding phone might seem like the perfect thing for Microsoft in 2019, it may trial a dual-screen notebook first.

Bank of America kills Windows 10 app sooner than expected

The end of the banking app came before the end of July and it does not bode well for the state of the Windows 10 app market.

Long-awaited iTunes app for Windows 10 has arrived

Finally, Surface Laptop users can sync their iPhones and get software updates for them and just use iTunes. This has been nearly a year in the making.

Who gets an iPhone X for Christmas? | #PNWeekly 284

The ghosts of iPhones past, present and future make the rounds in our show today. From Secret Santas to batteries big and small, this is gonna be fun.

Microsoft is having none of cheeky Google Chrome Windows app

The Google Chrome app on the Windows Store was nothing but a sham in Microsoft’s eyes. What’s up with the fake browser from the real company?

iTunes app for Windows 10 (and Windows 10 S) delayed indefinitely

The announcement that an iTunes app would be coming to Windows 10 made with the introduction of the Windows 10 S has come to sad trombones.

Relax, people, Microsoft Paint isn’t dead or dying, it’s just being relocated

Who doesn’t love the classic, iconic Microsoft Paint app? For a little while there, it seemed like Redmond abandoned it, but that’s not quite the case.

Windows 10 and 10 S PC users across 60 countries can now get Spotify from official Windows Store

There’s finally a dedicated Spotify app available for free Windows Store downloads on compatible Windows 10 and 10 S computers.

Getting a Surface Laptop? iTunes Windows Store app incoming

Windows 10 S users will need this app if they want to keep the content on their iPhone or iPod synced up. That’s you, Surface Laptop buyers.

Microsoft goes after Chromebooks in the classroom with Streamlined, Secure, School-friendly Windows 10 S

Windows 10 S, formerly known by its somewhat confusing Windows 10 Cloud codename, has just gone official, very obviously contending Chrome OS.

Christmas comes early for music fans, with nine free holiday albums from Microsoft

Who doesn’t like Christmas music and freebies? Well, if you do, hurry up and take Microsoft up on its latest free holiday album Windows Store offer.

Microsoft removed 90,000 apps without age rating from Windows Mobile Store

Why? Because the apps’ developers didn’t get their games age-rated by taking a questionnaire. And that’s left a crater in the ecosystem.

Microsoft could be taking a cue from Google Play with new Windows Store design

See how Microsoft may be bringing us a new Windows Store look in time for this summer’s Anniversary Update.

Official Tumblr app leaves Windows Phone

If you just so happen to be a tumblr junkie and a Windows Phone fan, another first-party app departure doesn’t pose good news.

Windows Store no longer recognizes in-app purchases, Microsoft yet to address bug

As if Microsoft didn’t have enough on its plate already, it’s now facing a universal Windows Store bug randomly canceling valid in-app purchases.

Windows Store carrier billing comes as Microsoft makes deal with Boku

Why pay now when you can wait until you have to pay…

Did you notice Microsoft recently hiked Windows Store app prices in some markets?

Due to certain discrepancies in exchange rates, Microsoft has decided to implement Windows Store app pricing surges in nine global markets.