Qualcomm and Microsoft get Lenovo, HP and ASUS to build Snapdragon 835-powered ‘cellular PCs’
Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 will be the first ARM-based processor powering a new generation of Windows 10 PCs from Lenovo, HP and Asus.
Qualcomm further confirms ARM-based Windows 10 devices are coming soon with Snapdragon 835
Windows 10 should run on at least one ARM-based mobile processor by the end of the year inside 2-in-1 PCs, according to Qualcomm.
Microsoft to unveil Windows 9 and WP9 on September 30?
Learn more about Microsoft’s rumored plan to announce Windows 9, and at the same time tell us more about Windows Phone 9 on September 30th.
Nokia Lumia 2520 keyboard review: “Power Keyboard” is right (Video)
Nokia’s Power Keyboard may be late to the party, but we forgive its tardiness on account of its awesomeness. Find out why in our Lumia 2520 keyboard review!
Pocketnow Throwback: HTC HD2 (Video)
It’s the most hacked smartphone of all time, and even after 5 years, it’s still impressing us. Join Pocketnow for this throwback review of 2009’s HTC HD2!
2014 may be the year of HTC’s tablet comeback
HTC left the tablet space in 2011, and hasn’t released a slab since. Rumor has it, an HTC tablet is in the works. Read why that might be bad for other OEMs.
Don’t write off the ‘productivity tablet’ just yet
The Productivity tablet isn’t for everyone, but it is for a lot of people. And the compromises get smaller with each generation.
How would a Windows RT & Windows Phone convergence work?
There are rumors of converging Windows Phone and Windows RT. How do you think that could work?
Pocketnow Weekly 071: Lumia 2520, jumbo-phones, and the new iPad mini
Tune in to the latest episode of the Pocketnow Weekly as we talk Lumia 2520, new iPad mini, and the trend toward ridiculous phone sizes!
Nokia Tablet: a day with the Lumia 2520 (Video)
The full review is in the works, but we’ve got some thoughts on Nokia’s new Lumia 2520 tablet that just can’t wait. Click on for our first impressions!
Pocketnow Weekly 067: iPad Air, Lumia 1520, and corporate trollery galore
Nokia’s phablet-tablet reveal & Apple’s new iPad Air / iPad mini are two very different sides of the same coin – and today’s Pocketnow Weekly covers it all.
Nokia should have built a Windows 8 Pro tablet
Why is there no Lumia 2520 Windows 8 Pro edition? Read our thoughts on where this tablet misses the mark, and why Nokia made the choices it did.
Microsoft admits consumers confused about RT/Pro distinction
Hear about Microsoft’s recent comments on Surface RT naming, and why we’re not sure they make a lot of sense in light of the Surface 2.
Pocketnow Weekly 058: YouTube app wars, a WP8 HTC One, & the future of phone customization
Mountain View & Redmond are fighting again, and Windows Phone users are the victims. Our take on the Google-Microsoft debacle & more on this week’s podcast!
Microsoft Surface RT – After The Buzz, Episode 022 (Video)
Much has changed since our Surface RT review – most notably, its price. At $349, is the Surface RT a good back-to-school buy? Watch this video to find out!
Making a Nokia Windows RT tablet is a bad idea
A Nokia Windows RT tablet would be a mistake. It’s splitting an already not too strong mobile company into two paths. That’s a bad idea.
Microsoft may have finally learned its Surface lesson
Read about some of the mistakes the company might be able to avoid repeating for the release of the next Microsoft Surface.
Microsoft needs to fire its marketing firm urgently
Historically we’ve seen many cases of how crucial the right marketing can…
Is Microsoft’s iPad vs. Windows tablet comparison fair?
Read about the Microsoft iPad comparisons the company just published, and what’s wrong about what it’s saying.
computer lab
Have Tablets and Smartphones Finally Killed the PC?
Read about the evolution of the traditional computer, and how tablets and smartphones have all but killed them off.
The Pocketnow Weekly Podcast, Episode 038
A phablet battle, a Facebook phone, sapphire dreams, the promise of a Lumia 950, and the peril of Android Trojans. All that and more on today’s Pocketnow Weekly! So strap on your favorite ‘buds and give it a listen.
If Windows RT is a Failure, Chromebooks are Even Worse
All the internet is a buzz about how poorly Windows RT is doing in the market. How does it compare to Google’s Chrome OS?
Empty Nest: What I Miss (and Don’t) About the Surface RT
I gave my Microsoft Surface RT away, and now I miss it. But also, I don’t. Read on to find out why.
Emulator Lets You Run Regular Windows PC Apps on Windows RT
See what one Windows RT dev has come up with to let you run legacy Windows apps on your Surface RT.
Samsung Won’t Bring Its ATIV Tab Windows RT Offering To the U.S.
A Samsung executive said that the company will not bring its Windows RT tablet, the ATIV TAB, to the U.S.