Microsoft Doesn’t Have a ‘Plan B’ In Mobile Strategy, But They Don’t Need One

Microsoft’s CFO Peter Klein indicated they have no ‘Plan B’ when it comes to their mobile strategy. While this is not a good idea, right now they don’t need one.

Windows Phone 8 & Windows Phone 7.5 Side-By-Side (Video)

If you’ve read and watched our review of Windows Phone 8, you…

Bonsai Golf Coral for Windows Phone (Video)

Take a look at a new game that one of our readers just released for Windows Phone.

Apple: ‘Not Every Smartphone Needs To Look Like an iPhone’

Apple, in its closing argument, said that ‘not every smartphone needs to look like an iPhone’. Read to find out who they referred to.

In-App Purchasing Still Works in Windows Phone 7 for Xbox LIVE Games

There’s some news today that the in-app purchasing feature for Windows Phone…

Why Microsoft Doesn’t Want Apps Using SkyDrive For Backup

Microsoft doesn’t want non-human-readable files making a mess of users’ SkyDrive accounts.

Nokia Releases Q2 2012 Numbers, Sells 4 Million Lumia Devices In Last Quarter

Nokia made its financial records for the second quarter of the year public, and with the numbers, we find out about Lumia sales.

Why Windows Phone Seems Faster (Video)

In Microsoft’s Smoked By Windows Phone campaign you’ll see a lot of…

What Happened To Detailed Windows Phone Update Feature Lists?

Microsoft apparently has a reason for scaling-back on the level of detail it provides about new update features.

Impressive Satisfaction Rates from Lumia 900 Owners

Between April 27, 2012 and May 18, 2012, leading market researchers, Nielsen,…

Nokia Lumia 910 Name Shows Up Again, But Just What Is It?

Could the Lumia 910 be a new variation on the Lumia 900? Maybe an in-the-works Windows Phone 8 model?

MetroTube is Coming Back!

I just got an exciting tweet from Lazyworm Apps linking to their…

Twitter for Windows Phone Actually Supports Notifications Now

Back when Windows Phone was first released in late 2010, of course…

Why Does The Lumia 900 Want You To Visit Akron, Ohio?

The GPS on some Lumia 900 models keeps insisting that the phone’s in Akron, Ohio.

Nokia Lumia 610 Has A Little Identity Crisis, Thinks It’s An 800

The Nokia Lumia 610 is reporting in EXIF data from photos it captures that it’s a Lumia 800, instead.

Batman-Themed Lumia 710: How To Get One

Sales of the 710 featuring the Batman cover will supposedly begin on June 13.

Nokia Lumia 710 Could Join 900 With Special Batman Treatment

The Lumia 710 may be sold with Dark Knight Rises-themed cases.

Nokia Lumia 900 Update Corrects Purple Screen, Delivers Other Fixes

900 owners on AT&T should now be able to access this latest update through Zune.

Nokia Maps for Windows Phone Updated To Version 2.0

Nokia has updated its Maps application bundled with Lumia Windows Phones to version 2.o.21.304. The new version of the application is more social.

Nokia Lumia 610 Unboxing (Video)

Low specs on the Nokia Lumia 610 and a cheap price point doesn’t mean build quality and materials suffer. They’re excellent as you would expect from a Nokia phone.

HTC Radar, Titan Land Their First Custom ROMs, Unlocked Bootloader

Custom HSPLs and unlocked ROMs are now available for both the Radar and the Titan.

Details Arrive On More Expensive, Limited Edition Batman Lumia 900

The Batman 900 will sell for 600 GBP, with only 900 units available.

Photosynth Comes To Windows Phone, Ready To Start Assembling Some Panoramas

Photosynth is now available for Windows Phone, but is incompatible with new 256MB RAM handsets.

Empty Nest: What I Miss (And Don’t) About the Nokia Lumia 900

A few weeks’ exposure to this little cyan wonder allowed me to experience firsthand what it was like to be part of the “beautifully different” crowd. A week after wiping its memory and beaming it back to live with its own kind, here’s what I miss -and don’t- about the Nokia Lumia 900.

O2 Germany Confirms 32GB Nokia Lumia 900

O2 Germany confirmed it on Twitter that it is no mistake, the Nokia Lumia 900 with 32GB (the white variant) indeed exists and it will most probably land on the carrier soon.