Windows 8 will die a very slow death and it starts with apps
That includes Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1. New apps will no longer be accepted into the Windows Store soon and then the updates will stop flowing.
Lumia 1020 throwback
Lumia 1020 Throwback! Can HMD & Nokia disrupt like this again? (video)
We’re seeing rumors of a Nokia 10, an exciting number for us old Lumia fans. Could this finally be our follow up to the Lumia 1020? Can HMD and Nokia disrupt the industry again with something so innovative as the Lumia 1020 was back in its day?
A Tribute to Windows Phone
Windows Phone’s mainstream support has officially ended so it’s time to send off Microsoft’s gorgeous, intelligent, yet failed attempt at rejuvenating itself in the modern smartphone market.
Maybe Microsoft should have kept updating Windows Phone 8.1
Windows 10 Mobile has caused Microsoft’s market share to plummet. Maybe they should have kept going with Windows Phone 8.x for a while longer.
All NYPD officers now use old Windows phones for work, and the plan is to upgrade to W10M
Low consumer interest could lead to the untimely death of the Windows Mobile platform, but New York City cops stick by the OS.
WhatsApp completes Signal-driven encryption upgrades: end-to-end everywhere
Heavy-duty encryption for your chats just got a lot easier, thanks to a slew of new WhatsApp encryption upgrades.
Upgrading to Windows 10 Mobile: What you need to know
The Windows 10 Mobile upgrade is started to become available to existing phones. Do you really want to install it though? Find out here.
Windows 10 Mobile updates are here: upgrade your Lumia to Microsoft’s latest platform
Today’s the day to get your Windows 10 Mobile upgrade for many existing Windows Phone 8.1 models.
Lumia 640 XL picks up long overdue wireless charging backplate
With a $50 after-market accessory, you can finally get Lumia 640 XL wireless charging.
LG budget Windows Phone gets an Android clone
Same can, different taste? Is this LG’s “new Coke?” Okay, maybe for…
Microsoft Lumia 640 XL review: the latest Windows Phone phablet
The Microsoft Lumia 640 XL is the phablet version of the budget-friendly Lumia 640. Read on for our full review.
Microsoft softens its Windows 10 phone upgrade commitment
Microsoft’s getting a little wishy-washy on its commitment to Windows 10 phone updates for current Windows Phone hardware.
Spotify for Windows Phone gets new features and a fresh look (Video)
The Spotify Windows Phone app just brought Microsoft’s smartphone platform one step closer to Android/iOS parity. Join us for a hands-on of this big update!
HTC promises “huge surprises that will blow you away” for 2015
The HTC 2015 lineup is supposed to be a hugely impressive, surprising affair – but just what’s on it?
Android Wear team interested in cross-platform support
Digging Google’s smartwatch family, but not an Android user yourself? There’s a distant possibility that we might see cross-platform Android Wear support.
Microsoft acknowledges Nokia Lumia re-branding efforts
Hear what Microsoft has in store next for its efforts towards Nokia Lumia re-branding.
HTC rumors: Eye hardware, mysterious M8 Eye, new HTC WP phablet
Get caught up on the latest HTC rumors, including the HTC M8 Eye, the Eye selfie phone, and a possible Windows phablet.
HTC One M8 for Windows review: just what it says on the tin
The world’s newest Windows Phone has a familiar face. Join us as we see what’s different and what’s not, in our HTC One M8 for Windows review!
With the One M8 for Windows, how likely is dual-booting?
The One M8 for Windows has been called the “second coming of the HD2.” Will dual-boot happen? Can you convert the One M8 to WP 8.1? Read on to find out!
Will the Windows Phone HTC One M8 allow ROM-flashers to switch platforms?
Find out why it might be possible for devs to create a flashable dual-OS HTC One M8, able to move back and forth between Android and Windows Phone.
4 fun things to do with Windows Phone 8.1
Windows Phone 8.1 is out there on hardware far and wide. Now that it’s official, we found some fun things to do with Windows Phone 8.1. Check it out.
Windows Phone HTC One M8 rumors pick up possible name, launch window
Learn how the HTC One M8 for Windows may go up for sale, and why that could happen sooner than you’d think.
Satya Nadella talks shifting core of Microsoft, importance of first-party hardware
Find out what CEO Satya Nadella has to say about the importance of Microsoft first-party hardware for the company’s future.
Nokia reveals “smart trousers” with integrated Qi charging, because why not?
Nokia’s bringing wireless charging to wearables with the unusual introduction of the world’s first wireless charging pants.
Microsoft’s Cortana may soon be activated by a voice command
New information from Microsoft employee Marcus Ash suggests the company is working on a voice-activated Cortana for Windows Phone 8.1