Windows 8 will die a very slow death and it starts with apps

That includes Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1. New apps will no longer be accepted into the Windows Store soon and then the updates will stop flowing.
Lumia 1020 throwback

Lumia 1020 Throwback! Can HMD & Nokia disrupt like this again? (video)

We’re seeing rumors of a Nokia 10, an exciting number for us old Lumia fans. Could this finally be our follow up to the Lumia 1020? Can HMD and Nokia disrupt the industry again with something so innovative as the Lumia 1020 was back in its day?

Old versions of Windows Phone loses push notifications tomorrow

Live Tiles will no longer be updated with the deactivation of push notifications on two deprecated versions of Windows Phone.

A Tribute to Windows Phone

Windows Phone’s mainstream support has officially ended so it’s time to send off Microsoft’s gorgeous, intelligent, yet failed attempt at rejuvenating itself in the modern smartphone market.

Windows Phone 8.1 passes the software support threshold

Your Lumia 1020 won’t be guaranteed a security update, much less an OS update, after July 11, 2017. It’s another milestone of decline for Microsoft fans.

Spotify drops Windows Phone 8 active development

Security updates will make their way to the app for all phones with Windows Phone 8 or later, but there will be no new feature updates.

Maybe Microsoft should have kept updating Windows Phone 8.1

Windows 10 Mobile has caused Microsoft’s market share to plummet. Maybe they should have kept going with Windows Phone 8.x for a while longer.

All NYPD officers now use old Windows phones for work, and the plan is to upgrade to W10M

Low consumer interest could lead to the untimely death of the Windows Mobile platform, but New York City cops stick by the OS.

Windows 10 Mobile transition slow, but happening with OS share at 14 percent

The Lumia 500-level devices are still the most popular for Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile users. Windows 10 Mobile is growing faster.

Gartner: Windows phones sales for OEMs total 750,000 for Q2

That’s the estimate that analytics firm Gartner is making between Microsoft’s self-reported 1.2 million Lumia sales and its own calculations.

Budget Windows Phone LG Lancet is out at Verizon

The $120 phone had entry-level specs and even spawned an Android clone. It lasted some 15 months only to be outlasted by a two-year-old Windows phone.

Skype dropping Windows Phone support in October, leaves more than 80 percent of user base behind

Skype will drop support for Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 in October. The news is leaving some users and developers piping mad.

CNN Windows Phone app to be retired July 18

Another blow to the Windows Mobile ecosystem as CNN’s announced leave follows ones from PayPal and Amazon. Will it come back as a Windows 10 Universal App?

AT&T Lumia 1520 rises out of inventory purgatory with sales (in 2016)

Its true that the Nokia Lumia 1520 remains the only real Windows 10 Mobile phablet offering in the States these days, but it is two-and-a-half years old.

Windows 10 Mobile also headed for AT&T Lumia 1520

Six inches of Windows Phone will become six inches of Windows Mobile. Windows 10 Mobile, actually, if you’re on AT&T right now.

Windows 10 Mobile for Lumia Icon finally here

Verizon has notified customers that the Windows 10 Mobile update for its exclusively-carried Lumia Icon is ready to be downloaded.

AT&T Lumia 640 gets Windows 10 Mobile in OTA

After months of waiting, the Microsoft Lumia 640 on AT&T is now getting the software update it needs to Windows 10 Mobile.

A basic Windows 10 Mobile phone now officially needs double the memory

The requirements have officially changed. Instead of 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage, you’ll need double both for a basic Windows 10 Mobile experience.

Nokia Lumia 520 cedes top spot in global Windows Phone usage to Lumia 535

After nearly three years in first place, the low-end Nokia Lumia 520 falls to second in global Windows Phone popularity, being surpassed by the Lumia 535.

WhatsApp completes Signal-driven encryption upgrades: end-to-end everywhere

Heavy-duty encryption for your chats just got a lot easier, thanks to a slew of new WhatsApp encryption upgrades.

Older Windows Phones can downgrade from Windows 10 Mobile

Maybe this Windows 10 Mobile build doesn’t have what you’re looking for. If you’ve upgraded your Windows Phone 8.1 device, here are your options.

Upgrading to Windows 10 Mobile: What you need to know

The Windows 10 Mobile upgrade is started to become available to existing phones. Do you really want to install it though? Find out here.

Oof: Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile WP8.1 upgrade list is complete – no new models to be added

There are no more Windows 10 Mobile updates coming for additional phones; yesterday’s list is all we’re going to get.

Microsoft confirms Windows 10 Mobile upgrade RAM requirement: no 512MB phones

Despite initial Insider compatibility, Microsoft’s not going forward with Windows 10 Mobile 512 MB RAM updates – you’ll need a full gig.

Windows 10 Mobile updates are here: upgrade your Lumia to Microsoft’s latest platform

Today’s the day to get your Windows 10 Mobile upgrade for many existing Windows Phone 8.1 models.