Windows Phone 7.8 Now Rolling Out for AT&T Nokia Lumia 900

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Apple Strengthens US OEM Lead, Android Still Dominates Despite Subtle Decline

The latest U.S. numbers are in from comScore for the three-month average period ending January 2013 and, while there aren’t any changes in the ranking, the percentage points are just a tad different.

BBC iPlayer Coming To Windows Phone Soon

BBC’s iPlayer is already present on platforms like Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS or BlackBerry’s BBOS and, as a direct effect of an agreement between BBC and Microsoft, Windows Phone users should get their own flavor soon.

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Microsoft’s CFO Peter Klein indicated they have no ‘Plan B’ when it comes to their mobile strategy. While this is not a good idea, right now they don’t need one.

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Upgrade Your Windows Phone Now

Nokia’s Lumia 920 is a great phone, but at six months old, it’s too dated to run out and upgrade now. There are too many new devices on the horizon to burn a contract upgrade now.

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Windows Phone is one of the most popular up-and-coming mobile operating systems. Taylor vents five maddening things about the platform.

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