A Tribute to Windows Phone

Windows Phone’s mainstream support has officially ended so it’s time to send off Microsoft’s gorgeous, intelligent, yet failed attempt at rejuvenating itself in the modern smartphone market.

WhatsApp extends support for BlackBerry, Nokia until July 2017

BlackBery OS and BlackBerry 10 devices along with the Nokia S40 and Nokia Symbian S60 have their support periods extended with WhatsApp.

Windows 10 Mobile transition slow, but happening with OS share at 14 percent

The Lumia 500-level devices are still the most popular for Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile users. Windows 10 Mobile is growing faster.

WhatsApp gets ready to drop unpopular platforms – including BlackBerry

BlackBerry WhatsApp support is about to go away for good, along with Symbian and other aging platforms.

Pocketnow Throwback: Dell Venue Pro (Video)

It’s the phone that pushed the boundaries – and pushed Dell out of the smartphone business in the process. Join us for our throwback Dell Venue Pro Review!

Pocketnow Throwback: HTC HD2 (Video)

It’s the most hacked smartphone of all time, and even after 5 years, it’s still impressing us. Join Pocketnow for this throwback review of 2009’s HTC HD2!

Microsoft kills Xbox video content for Windows Phone 7 starting February 2014

Microsoft kills Xbox video content for Windows Phone 7 starting late February 2014, according to a recent company email sent out to users.

Facebook Beta updated with performance improvements, Windows Phone 7 support

Facebook Beta updated with performance improvements for Windows Phone 8 as well as Windows Phone 7 support. Check it out!

The Best Part of Windows Phone 7 is Now the Worst Part of Windows Phone 8

Find out how one of the best parts of Windows Phone 7 has become one of the most frustrating and poorly done parts of Windows Phone 8.

Microsoft Doesn’t Have a ‘Plan B’ In Mobile Strategy, But They Don’t Need One

Microsoft’s CFO Peter Klein indicated they have no ‘Plan B’ when it comes to their mobile strategy. While this is not a good idea, right now they don’t need one.

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Upgrade Your Windows Phone Now

Nokia’s Lumia 920 is a great phone, but at six months old, it’s too dated to run out and upgrade now. There are too many new devices on the horizon to burn a contract upgrade now.

Five Maddening Things About Windows Phone

Windows Phone is one of the most popular up-and-coming mobile operating systems. Taylor vents five maddening things about the platform.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone Ads Are Terrible; They’re Killing The Product

All companies go through rough times. You may not see them financially…

Samsung Focus 2 On AT&T Getting Its Windows Phone “Tango” Update

Samsung Focus 2 owners on AT&T should check for an update as the Tango refresh is reportedly rolling out.

Homebrew Notification Center In Works For Windows Phone 7 and 8

There is a homebrew project to bring a notification center to Windows Phone 7 (and 8) devices. Check out all the details!

Gartner: ‘Smartphone Market Was Dominated By Apple and Samsung’ in Q3 2012

The latest numbers from Garner are in for the third quarter of 2012, figures as of November 2012. Read to find out how the market looks.

To Sell Windows Phone, Microsoft Should Take A Page from BlackBerry’s Book

Wireless carriers have adopted special price plans before. Read on to see how we think Windows Phone could benefit from bringing the BlackBerry model back … and turning it inside out.

Why Windows Phone 8 Doesn’t Need A Notification Center

Microsoft’s new smartphone platform, Windows Phone 8, launched without a notification center. Read on to see why it’s not such a big deal.

Live Tiles Under Siege: SurfCast Sues Microsoft Over Windows 8’s Live Tiles

A small Maine-based software company called SurfCast is suing Microsoft for its Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 design. Read on to find out more.

Bonsai Golf Coral for Windows Phone (Video)

Take a look at a new game that one of our readers just released for Windows Phone.

Nokia Releases Q3 2012 Numbers, Sells 2.9 Million Lumia Devices In Last Quarter

Nokia’s Q3 2012 financial numbers show a 27.5 percent decrease in Lumia sales compared to the previous quarter.

Video Out Comes To Windows Phone 7 With A Clever Hack

Learn how to enable your WP7 phone to mirror its display on an attached computer screen.

Nokia Dominates Global Windows Phone Market Share, Not So Much In The US

Check out Nokia’s explosive growth in Windows Phone on these market share graphs.

ChevronWP7 Phone Unlocks Expired, Microsoft Locking Devices Back

Read about ChevronWP7 phone unlocks expiring and Microsoft locking devices back as of August 11.

Apple Asked Samsung Royalty Fees Of Up To $30 Per Touch-Screen Phone, $40 Per Tablet

Look at this court document from the Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit! Apple asked for royalty fees on every touch-screen Samsung phone and tablet.