Windows 8 will die a very slow death and it starts with apps

That includes Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1. New apps will no longer be accepted into the Windows Store soon and then the updates will stop flowing.

Windows 10 Cloud is the codename of Microsoft’s Chromebook counteroffensive effort

Despite what the strongly rumored codename suggests, Windows 10 Cloud will apparently have very little to do with the cloud, instead contending Chromebooks.

Microsoft formally announces Surface Pro power cord recall

Microsoft’s just confirmed its Surface Pro power cord recall; get the details on which models are affected, and how to request your replacement cord.

Surface Pro power adapter fire-hazard risk prompts recall reports

Microsoft’s expected to announce a Surface Pro recall for its tablets’ power adapters later this week.

Kurio Smart and Xtreme 2 tablets target kids of all ages with Windows, Android, keyboards, and more

The Kurio Smart and Extreme 2 make up an interesting duo of new kid-friendly tablets offering your choice of Windows or Android software starting at $130.

Surface 3 with LTE hits AT&T later this week

Get the details on the arrival of the LTE Surface 3 at AT&T later this week, including what you’ll end up paying to take this tablet home.

Here’s what you’ll lose when Skype for Modern Windows stops working (if it hasn’t already)

Do you use Skype for modern Windows on a tablet or PC? There’s a lot of nice features that will be going away soon if they haven’t already.

Microsoft introduces new Surface Pro 3 hardware option

See what the new Surface Pro 3 hardware option does differently to keep prices down while offering top-shelf performance.

Skype Translator preview goes wide, drops signup requirement

Discover how the Skype Translator preview can help you communicate across language barriers in real time.

Microsoft to push nearly 30 patches to Windows 8.1 today

Learn more about all the updates that we should expect for Windows 8.1, Windows RT and Windows 7 over the next few hours, as yes, this is Patch Tuesday.

Microsoft accepting appointments for Surface 3 demos

Want to check out a Surface 3 demo at a Microsoft store before the May 5 release? You’re going to want to make an appointment.

Microsoft Surface 3 specs

Take a look at the hardware that makes up Microsoft’s just-announced Windows 8.1 tablet, as we go over all the key Microsoft Surface 3 specs.

Microsoft launches the Surface 3 with full Windows 8.1

The Microsoft Surface 3 just went official, combining a slim build with some of the Surface Pro 3’s best features.

Microsoft rumors tackle plans for next-gen Surface, launching soon

A rumored new Surface tablet could deliver an affordable option that still runs full-blown Windows.

Microsoft confirms initial Windows 10 phone preview will support 512MB RAM models

Worried that WP8.1 512MB RAM Windows 10 preview support wouldn’t happen? For this first preview, at least some low-RAM phones will indeed be supported.

Microsoft wins big with Surface Pro 3 in latest financial report

Lumia and Surface models helped contribute to Microsoft Q2 2015 financial report revenues.

Microsoft making Windows 10 updates free for Win 7, Win 8.1

Microsoft’s got big news for existing users when it comes to Windows 10 updates.
Microsoft IoT in Action event

Microsoft quarterly figures show Lumia sales up, strong Surface Pro 3 performance

The latest Microsoft quarterly figures are looking pretty darn respectable, with minor to significant growth in key areas.

How low can Windows tablet prices go?

It’s a race to the bottom as OEMs try to come up with the most budget Windows tablets to date.

Lenovo launches four Yoga Tablet 2 models, both Android and Windows

Windows or Android? Eight or ten-inch? The choices are yours with the new range of Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 slates.

Surface Mini hands-on account describes the tablet we never got

Months after the canceled launch, a Surface Mini hands-on report gives us our best look at this tablet that never came to be.

Acer announces the affordable Iconia Tab 8 W

Learn more about the new Acer Iconia Tab 8 W, which is more than just another Windows tablet. This device is not just well specced but affordable.

Microsoft to fix Surface Pro 3 heating issues “soon”

Learn more about the software fix that’s about to hit certain models of the Surface Pro 3, as customers are complaining about overheating issues

T-Mobile Lumia 2520 still looks like it’s happening (but is it too late?)

Will we finally get a T-Mobile Lumia 2520, coming up on a year after its initial launch? See what’s on the carrier’s own site that seems to hint as much.

Surface Pro 3 coming to 25 more countries on August 28

A list of 25 more countries is going to be added to the Surface Pro 3 availability list on August 28. Learn just where Microsoft’s super-tablet is headed.