Samsung Galaxy Book 2 makes move from Intel to Qualcomm processor

Samsung has decided to take a major leap in its second convertible Windows tablet by moving to an ARM-based processor and an always-on LTE modem.

Surface Laptop 2 will tag with Surface Pro 6 on Tuesday

No major outward changes to be found between the original Surface Laptop and this new one we’re hearing (and seeing) about so far.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 debuts on Lenovo Yoga C630 WOS

The latest LTE-enabled Windows machine comes with the latest Qualcomm chipset made for Windows machines. Find out what the Yoga C630 is all about.

Bank of America kills Windows 10 app sooner than expected

The end of the banking app came before the end of July and it does not bode well for the state of the Windows 10 app market.

Lenovo Miix 630 is the latest Always Connected PC to launch

We have all the information you need on the latest Qualcomm-running Always Connected PC, plus where you can get a nifty discount on it.

Surface Go shipping August 2 with top-spec device priced at $549

We have a couple more details on the Surface Go, the lightest convertible computing device from Microsoft yet, including some extra pricing.

Microsoft’s Panay outs Surface Go on social media

The Surface Go is a powerful yet super-light computing device from Microsoft yet, the company’s hardware chief proclaims loudly on Twitter.

Affordable Surface Go gets leaked in full detail

It’s been thought that if students and educators weren’t enticed by the Surface Laptop already would rather have this than a Chromebook or iPad.

Long-awaited iTunes app for Windows 10 has arrived

Finally, Surface Laptop users can sync their iPhones and get software updates for them and just use iTunes. This has been nearly a year in the making.

Android P rhymes with HP Elite x3 | #PNWeekly 295

The FBI recruited Best Buy employees as an arm of the law, but did it breach citizens’ Fourth Amendment rights? That plus Android P and HTC phone feedback on our show!

Microsoft confirms Windows 10 S to become “mode” from 2019

Windows 10 S has never been truly recognized by market metrics. Perhaps it never need be thanks to a shift in strategy for the OS targeting Chromebook users.

Microsoft Surface Laptop with Intel Core m3 processor goes on sale at $799

Previously available for $999 and up with your choice of a Core i5 or i7 processor, Microsoft’s “conventional” Surface Laptop now starts at $799 with Intel Core m3 inside.

Microsoft Surface Laptop now sold with Windows 10 Pro pre-loaded

If you get a Surface Laptop with Windows 10 S and upgrade it to Windows 10 Pro before March 31, it’s free. Buy it straight up, it’s $100 more for one certain model.

Microsoft unveils ultra-affordable, uncompromising Windows 10 laptops for schools

Microsoft still thinks it can beat Google in the classroom, marketing four new Windows 10 and Windows 10 S devices from Lenovo and JP as powerful alternatives for Chromebooks.

Lenovo’s extensive CES 2018 PC lineup includes Miix 630, upgraded ThinkPad X1 family

The Miix 630 is by no means Lenovo’s flashiest laptop unveiled at CES 2018, but it’s relatively affordable and “always connected.” Meanwhile, the new ThinkPad X1 Series is mind-blowingly powerful.

Asus unveils US pricing for ZenBook Flip 14 and NovaGo convertible laptops

The high-end Asus ZenBook Flip 14 is officially slated for a March 2018 US release at $899 and up, while the always-on, always-connected NovaGo is priced at $599.

Universal Windows Platform features, but no Spotify UWP yet

Spotify’s Xbox application is UWP-compliant, but not its recently-released desktop app for Windows 10 which some say is just a reheating of its existing x86 app.

Microsoft is having none of cheeky Google Chrome Windows app

The Google Chrome app on the Windows Store was nothing but a sham in Microsoft’s eyes. What’s up with the fake browser from the real company?

Samsung and Xiaomi reportedly also bringing Windows 10 Always Connected PCs

The addition of these two manufacturers will make it five brands ready to jump on Qualcomm and Microsoft’s initiative for portable cellular laptops.

iTunes app for Windows 10 (and Windows 10 S) delayed indefinitely

The announcement that an iTunes app would be coming to Windows 10 made with the introduction of the Windows 10 S has come to sad trombones.

Surface Laptop availability expands along with Windows 10 S upgrade window

Platinum Gray isn’t our jam, so it’ll be nice to be able to buy a Surface Laptop in three more colors. And if Windows 10 S isn’t enough, upgrade for free.

Windows 10 and 10 S PC users across 60 countries can now get Spotify from official Windows Store

There’s finally a dedicated Spotify app available for free Windows Store downloads on compatible Windows 10 and 10 S computers.

Microsoft may have a fresh take on Windows Mobile and a new phone in ‘active development’

We know you’ve probably heard this many times in the past, but no, Windows Mobile is still not dead yet, with Microsoft focused on “rebooting” it.

Getting a Surface Laptop? iTunes Windows Store app incoming

Windows 10 S users will need this app if they want to keep the content on their iPhone or iPod synced up. That’s you, Surface Laptop buyers.

Microsoft’s mixed message was confusing, but shows brilliant strategy

Microsoft put on an interesting show last week at its #MicrosoftEDU conference…