liquid cooled smartphone

A liquid cooled smartphone: an inevitable, and very smart move

Did Microsoft just jump the shark with its liquid cooled smartphone, the Lumia 950XL?
windows 10 phone

What Windows 10 Phone needs to do to woo Android users back

Windows 10 Phone will be hitting handsets soon, but what will it take to woo Android users away from their phones and back to one from Microsoft?

HTC Windows Phone could arrive soon

An HTC Windows Phone could arrive soon, if you link Cher Wang’s recent statements to this snap where Microsoft lists HTC as a partner for Windows 10. Read more!

Microsoft Lumia 940 specs and render imagined, together with Lumia 940XL

These Lumia 940 specs and renders, together with its bigger sibling, the Lumia 940XL, are concepts imagined by someone else than Microsoft. Do you like?

Windows 10 Phone Edition Technical Preview tour (Video)

An upgraded UI, improved apps & the liveliest Start Screen yet: the Windows 10 Phone Technical Preview has a lot to show off. Join us as we tour its tiles!
windows 10 phone

5 cool things about Windows 10 phones we (almost) forgot about

It’s been a couple weeks since we learned what to expect from Windows 10 phone edition. Let’s recap the highlights as we wait for the Technical Preview.

An LG Windows Phone might be on its way to Verizon

After a long hiatus, we might be able to allegedly see an LG Windows Phone soon, as it could be on its way to Verizon Wireless.

Windows 10 phone screenshots reportedly surface

We’re looking at what are claimed to be Windows 10 phone screenshots taken from a Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones installation. Thoughts?

HTC One M9 for Windows in the works, claims leak

A recent leak claims that there will be an HTC One M9 for Windows, coming later this year, for the US, pretty much like last year’s One M8 for Windows

Windows 10 phone portrait tiles incoming?

In this image we’re seeing some upcoming OS features being accidentally leaked, specifically Windows 10 Phone portrait tiles. Would you fancy them?

Most Windows 10 phone complaints are about its bad user interface changes

Find out why Windows Phone’s users are pretty upset about Windows 10’s new design language.