PSA: Microsoft ends Windows 10 Mobile support tomorrow
Tomorrow, December 10, 2019, Microsoft will be officially ending its support for Windows 10 Mobile. Office support will end later too.
Windows 10 Mobile gets another update before it is retired in December
A new Windows 10 Mobile update is rolling out to devices with the Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update installed, and brings a couple of fixes.
Windows 10 Mobile gets probably its last update
A new Windows 10 Mobile update is ready to apply to phones, as Microsoft didn’t forget about the OS. It will stop support in December though.
Microsoft ends Windows 10 Mobile support on December 10
Windows Phone fans saw this coming long ago, some probably wonder why this announcement took so long. For the hardcore, there’s still time to cherish it.
Windows 8 will die a very slow death and it starts with apps
That includes Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1. New apps will no longer be accepted into the Windows Store soon and then the updates will stop flowing.
Microsoft still has Windows 10 Mobile phones for sale, even though they were out of stock for a bit
The Microsoft Store was completely out of stock of Windows 10 Mobile phones for a time last week, but they have been replenished this week. There are two models remaining.
No more official Instagram support for Windows 10 Mobile
Just in case you needed one more cruel reminder Windows 10 Mobile is not coming back from the dead, Instagram has removed its support for the once-promising platform.
Former Microsoft exec hits out at carriers and OEMs for Windows Phone failure
The death of Windows Phone comes with some despair, but little surprise. The debate over how it died, perhaps right from its early days, has been dug up again.
“Windows as a Service” isn’t really working
Windows as a Service isn’t really working. What can Microsoft do about it to turn things around? Read to find out more about the topic and weigh in!
Alcatel Idol 4S with Windows 10 Mobile enters impulse buy territory at $99.99
Regardless of your natural distrust of obsolete software platforms, you should definitely consider the latest Alcatel Idol 4S deal on premium hardware grounds.
Universal Windows Platform features, but no Spotify UWP yet
Spotify’s Xbox application is UWP-compliant, but not its recently-released desktop app for Windows 10 which some say is just a reheating of its existing x86 app.
Verizon HP Elite x3 available from the Microsoft Store for $599
An initial lot of this Big Red flavor made available online was priced at $500 and sold out pretty quick. It’s now at $599, in-store only.
RIP Windows 10 Mobile: No new features, no new hardware, just bug fixes going forward
The official announcement of Windows 10 Mobile’s death has been a long time coming. Joe Belfiore just dropped the predictable yet sad news on Twitter.
HP Elite x3 to remain on sale “through 2019”
Windows 10 Mobile still has a bastion smartphone to hang onto, at least commercially, for the next couple years and change.
Microsoft could be involved in Wileyfox Pro, a Windows 10 Mobile phone
Don’t be impressed, though. The specs are low-end and there’s no way it could run Continuum. So, what’s this phone for? Why is it at IFA 2017?
HP Elite x4 supposedly in testing with Windows 10 Mobile and Android
An Elite x3 follow-up is said to be on the way, but the phone does have the potential to break way from the Windows 10 Mobile chain.
Windows 10 Mobile set for clean death as something called “Andromeda” is born
As its own, dedicated codefile, Windows 10 Mobile might not exist anymore. Instead, Windows 10 on a mobile phone might be the more correct term.
iPhone 6s is most bought smartphone in three continents
According to ScientiaMobile, Apple has taken 18 slots in the top five sets of the six major continents. Samsung has taken ten.
Microsoft CEO assures there will be more phones made in Redmond, looking different from everything else
Microsoft hasn’t entirely given up on homebrewed smartphones, which however still need time to figure out the “next change in form and function.”
Windows 10 Creators Update Review
The Windows 10 Creators Update brings some nice new features to PCs, Tablets, Windows Mobile phones, and even Xbox One. Take a look at what’s new here!
T-Mobile kills Windows 10-powered Alcatel Idol 4S already, sequel feels unlikely
No more Alcatel Idol 4S with Windows 10 Mobile and VR headset on T-Mobile’s official US website, though you can still buy it unlocked from Microsoft.
If you absolutely need a phone at Cricket, get a Microsoft Lumia 650 for 99 cents
It’s not exactly a thrift store phone, especially since the Microsoft Store is still selling the year-old phone for $199. Different story at Cricket.
Microsoft added random rainbow circles to Outlook Mail and they’re terrible
Random color circles added to the email listing in Outlook Mail on Windows 10 break the visual hierarchy and distract the eye from finding the actual important emails.
Maybe Microsoft should have kept updating Windows Phone 8.1
Windows 10 Mobile has caused Microsoft’s market share to plummet. Maybe they should have kept going with Windows Phone 8.x for a while longer.
Acer ‘refrains’ from bringing Windows 10 Anniversary Update to Liquid Jade Primo
Due to “instability of the operating system”, Acer will apparently never roll out Windows 10 Anniversary Update goodies to the Liquid Jade Primo.