Life on Android without the app drawer and widgets

Could you get by without widgets and the app drawer on Android? Read more to find out more about life on Android without the app drawer and widgets.

Top 5 widgets for your iPhone and iPad (Video)

With third-party support in iOS 8 came widgets in Notification Center. What are the best ones to try? Watch our top 5 iOS 8 widgets video to find out!
Widget vs. Live Tile

WP8 Live Tiles becoming more like Android widgets every day

Windows Phone’s Live Tiles have been generally monochromatic & not very graphical. The trend is shifting & they looking more like Android widgets every day.
kitkat widgets

Android 4.4 KitKat widgets: a step back to Gingerbread?

If the latest Android 4.4. KitKat rumors hold true, KitKat widgets will function just like Gingerbread widgets.

The best DashClock Widget extensions (Video)

DashClock is one of the cleanest and most useful Android widgets around. Watch this video to see the best DashClock Widget extensions available!

Pocketnow Insider: What’s on Taylor Martin’s smartphone?

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The Pocketnow Weekly Podcast, Episode 034

Galaxy S IV leaks keep us busy, but our new Pebble smart watches keep us busier. Listen to this week’s podcast for these stories, plus Xperia Z unboxing and Ubuntu pronunciation guides, listener mail, and so much more. Seriously, so much. For real.
HD Widgets

Can HD Widgets Replace Beautiful Widgets as the Prettiest Widgets on Android?

In most of my videos you’ve seen some pretty nifty widgets: Beautiful Widgets. I’ve had them on my smartphones almost as long as I’ve had smartphones! Recently, however, a new player has begun to surface: HD Widgets.