Turn off the microwave to boost Wi-Fi signal at home, says UK media regulator

Struggling to make a stable video call at decent quality over Wi-Fi? Try turning off the microwave oven or shifting your router away from appliances.
Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Series 4 is up to $350 off on Amazon right now!

Amazon may have the lowest price ever for the Apple Watch Series 4 in its Cellular+WiFi version, and more discounts on non Cellular versions

The Wi-Fi 6 certification program kicks off as faster Wi-Fi is on its way

The Wi-Fi Alliance announced the kick-off of the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 certification program. What this means is simply that the technology is ready to go

eero Wi-Fi mesh routers on sale as Amazon’s acquisition closes

The newly-minted Amazon-owned eero is reiterating pledges to ensuring customers’ privacy while they use their mesh Wi-Fi networks.

Broadcom Wi-Fi 6 modem is on Samsung Galaxy S10 series

The modem is capable of handling WI-Fi 6 connections as well as Bluetooth 5. It’s an industry first and it’s on the Galaxy S10 smartphone series.
wifi 6

What is WiFi 6? And why it’s so important to the future of your mobile lifestyle

WiFi 6 is the future. We’re telling you all about what it is, as well as why it is important to the future of your mobile lifestyle.

Google Stations expanding to the Philippines, proliferating fast public Wi-Fi

The fast and free Wi-Fi hotspot program, done in coordination with Google and local ISPs, is spreading to its sixth country: the Philippines.

Amazon acquiring eero to enrich its smart home, IoT strategies

The e-commerce platform giant has taken a financial liking to a mesh Wi-Fi network company. How will Amazon acquiring eero help its own position?

Qualcomm launches Wi-Fi 802.11ay modems for 10Gbps throughput

The new Wi-Fi modems are seen in use with remote augmented and virtual reality uses and more latent things such as the smart home.
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Wi-Fi 6 coming, as new Wi-Fi naming system has been announced

The Wi-Fi Alliance has introduced Wi-Fi 6, and, at the same time, has announced a new naming system for Wi-Fi standards moving forward.

Here’s how to solve your iPhone Xs connectivity problems

Solving your iPhone Xs connectivity problems is very simple if you don’t mind losing some passwords, just follow these easy steps

T-Mobile giving everyone free Gogo Wi-Fi for Labor Day air travel

If you’re flying around on September 3 and have Gogo Wi-Fi available to you, it’s going to be free, courtesy of T-Mobile.

A new Chromecast has made it to the FCC… again

We’ve been waiting for an update to come for the original OTT TV device from Google and it seems that the radios will be getting a big revamp.

Google Stations expanding to Nigeria with 200 free Wi-Fi hotspots

Google Stations have been popping up in Mexico, across southeast Asia and now in Nigeria with dozens of hotspots in five cities by 2020.

Spectrum Mobile begins service with similar terms to Xfinity Mobile

Just like Comcast’s own Xfinity Mobile, the service is offer on top of Verizon’s LTE network and a mesh of free Wi-Fi hotspots across the nation.

Intel loses bid to supply 2020 iPhones with 5G modems

Qualcomm is said to be the main supplier of modems as it has been for many years. That leaves MediaTek as the alternative for now.

Satellite-based in-flight Wi-Fi soon to come on Spirit Airlines

All of the super-low-cost airliner’s fleet will be able to traffic decently speedy Wi-Fi by next summer. Will you be flying Spirit more often?

Black Sharks swimming, black money against cancer | #PNWeekly 299

On this show, we dive into the mobile gaming scene where a new Black Shark has emerged from Xiaomi’s pool and how the wireless trade has poured money into twisting negative research on cancer links to radiation.

Google puts Wi-Fi on rural school buses, calls them Rolling Study Halls

Where home internet isn’t as usable as it may be elsewhere and trips to and from school take hours rather than minutes, this program aims to fill the gap with connected learning.

Teasing officially starts as OnePlus 6 is spotted at Wi-Fi Alliance

A vibrant looping ad starts the marketing campaign for real. Meanwhile, hints of the latest software wisp into view with a new certification.

Moto G6 series screen and chipset specs affirmed

The Moto G6, Moto G6 Plus and Moto G6 Play all have Android Oreo, Bluetoth 4.2 and 2:1 displays. Two have one chipset, one have another.

Connection speed now posted with Wi-Fi network listings on Android 8.1

If you’re stuck in 2G or even 3G territory, a good Wi-Fi network is probably all you’re wanting at this point, even if you’re on unlimited data.

Patch to Google Cast bug will speed up Google WiFi, Chromecast devices

Users of those devices were disappointed to see slow speeds and no one exactly knew why, but Google’s put the spanner to the works.

ZTE gets an Android 8.1 phone certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance

But what phone is it? ZTE had grouped up quite a few fans with its Axon 7 in 2016, but with a gap year in what many consider the series’s lineage, there’s some wonderment as to what to expect.

Galaxy S8 units with Android 8.0 now certified by Wi-Fi Alliance

This could mean that the Android Oreo update is nearly ready to go. At least for certain parts of Europe and Asia… and for those who have the international unlocked variants.