Turn off the microwave to boost Wi-Fi signal at home, says UK media regulator
Struggling to make a stable video call at decent quality over Wi-Fi? Try turning off the microwave oven or shifting your router away from appliances.
Apple Watch
The Apple Watch Series 4 is up to $350 off on Amazon right now!
Amazon may have the lowest price ever for the Apple Watch Series 4 in its Cellular+WiFi version, and more discounts on non Cellular versions
The Wi-Fi 6 certification program kicks off as faster Wi-Fi is on its way
The Wi-Fi Alliance announced the kick-off of the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 certification program. What this means is simply that the technology is ready to go
eero Wi-Fi mesh routers on sale as Amazon’s acquisition closes
The newly-minted Amazon-owned eero is reiterating pledges to ensuring customers’ privacy while they use their mesh Wi-Fi networks.
Broadcom Wi-Fi 6 modem is on Samsung Galaxy S10 series
The modem is capable of handling WI-Fi 6 connections as well as Bluetooth 5. It’s an industry first and it’s on the Galaxy S10 smartphone series.
wifi 6
What is WiFi 6? And why it’s so important to the future of your mobile lifestyle
WiFi 6 is the future. We’re telling you all about what it is, as well as why it is important to the future of your mobile lifestyle.
Google Stations expanding to the Philippines, proliferating fast public Wi-Fi
The fast and free Wi-Fi hotspot program, done in coordination with Google and local ISPs, is spreading to its sixth country: the Philippines.
Qualcomm launches Wi-Fi 802.11ay modems for 10Gbps throughput
The new Wi-Fi modems are seen in use with remote augmented and virtual reality uses and more latent things such as the smart home.
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Wi-Fi 6 coming, as new Wi-Fi naming system has been announced
The Wi-Fi Alliance has introduced Wi-Fi 6, and, at the same time, has announced a new naming system for Wi-Fi standards moving forward.
Here’s how to solve your iPhone Xs connectivity problems
Solving your iPhone Xs connectivity problems is very simple if you don’t mind losing some passwords, just follow these easy steps
A new Chromecast has made it to the FCC… again
We’ve been waiting for an update to come for the original OTT TV device from Google and it seems that the radios will be getting a big revamp.
Spectrum Mobile begins service with similar terms to Xfinity Mobile
Just like Comcast’s own Xfinity Mobile, the service is offer on top of Verizon’s LTE network and a mesh of free Wi-Fi hotspots across the nation.
Satellite-based in-flight Wi-Fi soon to come on Spirit Airlines
All of the super-low-cost airliner’s fleet will be able to traffic decently speedy Wi-Fi by next summer. Will you be flying Spirit more often?
Patch to Google Cast bug will speed up Google WiFi, Chromecast devices
Users of those devices were disappointed to see slow speeds and no one exactly knew why, but Google’s put the spanner to the works.
Qualcomm and OnePlus respond to one root backdoor, hacker finds data dump function
One hole is getting patched (somewhat) while another allows for personal data, including location, to be recorded, dumped and taken away.
Essential Phone patched of KRACK with Android 7.1.1 update
The Essential Phone is getting a fix for one scary Wi-Fi vulnerability. On the other hand, some big feature improvements are also in this update.
Verizon SmartHub is a cellular smart home router
In an intersection between cellular hotspots and smart home hubs, it’s a combination LTE data router and smart home manager. Simple enough.
Google WiFi router rumored to mesh network, be controlled by OnHub app
Details about Google WiFi are shaky at this point, but at this point, the company could be looking to compete with routers that can mesh into a network.
Patent firm Voip-Pal looks for $7 billion as it sues Apple, AT&T, Verizon
Voip-Pal is looking for $7 billion in cumulative damages from the suits against the three companies or licensing agreements.
Networking tweaks to help your Android perform better, faster, and safer
Here are a few Android networking tweaks to mitigate risks, improve your performance, and maybe even improve your battery life in the process!
With LTE, Are You Still Prioritizing WiFi?
Read about the benefits and draw-backs of LTE and Wi-Fi, and let us know if you’ve turned off Wi-Fi in favor of LTE.
WiFi vs. Data, Speed vs. Battery Life
It’s a question that goes back a long, long way: which is better, Wi-Fi or cellular data?