whatsapp policy change
WhatsApp confirms it will soon rollout multi-device support
WhatsApp will also be expanding its disappearing messages feature, which currently allows messages to be deleted after a set period of time.
instagram whatsapp 2FA
Facebook will send codes via WhatsApp so you can use Instagram
Instagram might soon allow users to receive two factor authentication (2FA) codes for identity verification on their WhatsApp account.
whatsapp migrate
WhatsApp testing cross-platform chat transfer when changing phone number
WhatsApp is testing the option to transfer chat history between two platforms while changing the phone number as well.
whatsapp policy change
Backlash on Facebook continues over WhatsApp privacy policy, now in India
WhatsApp has been asked again to withdraw the proposed policy change and furnish a response to justify its stance, or face legal action.
Microsoft teams title
Microsoft Teams just became a WhatsApp alternative
Microsoft Teams is now available for personal communication with family and friends for free, offering a lot more features than WhatsApp.
WhatsApp logo
How to delete your WhatsApp account and save your data
We’re showing you how to delete your WhatsApp account, as well as some pre-requisites that I personally recommend before you do so.
whatsapp self-destruct pocketnow
Best WhatsApp alternatives in 2021
Not buying what WhatsApp is selling after its privacy policy change? Here’s a look at the best WhatsApp alternatives in 2021.
I divorced WhatsApp and all of Facebook, so my friends threatened to divorce me [Update]
Update: As I said I would, here’s the receipt for those who…
Facebook is fighting to keep WhatsApp users from migrating to Signal
Facebook and Signal are squabbling over Instagram ads that target the social media giant over privacy, but there’s a lot more to the feud.
whatsapp self-destruct pocketnow
WhatsApp starts testing chat history migration for Android devices
WhatsApp beta for Android update’s screenshot says that the messaging app is working on a way to import chat history.
WhatsApp Business owners can now manage catalogs via the web and desktop clients
The catalog feature was introduced by WhatsApp back in late 2019, and WhatsApp says more than 8 million business catalogs are now present on its platform.
whatsapp migrate
At last, WhatsApp starts testing chat history migration between Android and iOS
WhatsApp will reportedly enable chat history migration between Android and iOS once the upcoming multi-device support tool is released.
whatsapp self-destruct pocketnow
Finally! WhatsApp is working on encrypting iCloud and Drive backups
The feature could be rolled out soon.
Voice and video calls WhatsApp Web
You can now voice and video call via WhatsApp’s desktop app
It will be expanded to include group voice and video calls in the future.
whatsapp self-destruct pocketnow
WhatsApp tests self-destructing photos to safeguard your privacy. Ironic, ain’t it?
WhatsApp is reportedly planning to bring this feature for both its Android and iOS apps, but there is not word when it’ll be released widely.
whatsapp mute audio
WhatsApp now lets you mute videos before sharing them
WhatsApp was spotted testing a new trick earlier this month that would…
privacy policy whatsapp pocketnow
WhatsApp explains what happens if you don’t bend to its will by May 15
WhatsApp drew intense backlash earlier this year after updating its privacy policy…
WhatsApp will show a banner asking users to read and accept its new policies
WhatsApp will soon show a banner atop the chats, asking users to read the new privacy policies and accept them before they go live on May 15.
10 Ways Delta Chat is Better than WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram
With everyone deleting WhatsApp and switching to Telegram or Signal, maybe there’s something better that you haven’t heard of yet. Here are 10 ways Delta Chat is better than the others.
WhatsApp’s multi-device support inches closer to launch with Log Out feature
The new feature hints that WhatsApp’s multi-device support is inching closer to its official launch.
Whatsapp biometric
WhatsApp Web and desktop app add biometric support as an extra layer of security
WhatsApp assures that it can’t access users’ face or fingerprint, and that all biometric data is stored locally on the connected phone.
Stop being naive when it comes to things like WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, etc.
Facebook is breaking promises about WhatsApp, as expected. Learn how to tell if your next messaging app is going to last or will eventually become horrible just like the others.
whatsapp pocketnow
WhatsApp delays controversial privacy update that triggered a user exodus until May
WhatsApp says its new privacy policy will now go into effect on May 15, giving users more time to understand them and end confusion.
WhatsApp is working on a “Read Later” feature
Read Later feature will be at the same position as Archived Chats.
WhatsApp says it can’t see your shared location; its privacy policy says otherwise
WhatsApp has been under pressure recently. This is because it updated its…