Fingerprint unlock feature is now available in the latest Android Whatsapp beta

Whatsapp’s Fingerprint Lock feature is now available for Android users through an APK beta version you can try right now

WhatsApp working on disappearing, self-destructing messages

Available in other chatting and messaging systems, disappearing messages or self-destructing messages is a feature that will likely be added to future versions of WhatsApp

WhatsApp beta for Android introduces fingerprint lock feature

A future update of WhatsApp for Android will likely introduce the fingerprint lock feature available on iPhones to protect the app from third parties.

Facebook to append its name to Instagram and WhatsApp

A recent report, later confirmed by Facebook, describes how the social media giant will append its name to WhatsApp and Instagram, for branding purposes.

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Pocketnow Daily: Samsung Galaxy Fold is Ready… Sort Of? (video)

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Pocketnow Daily: Apple Ban REJECTED by Huawei (video)

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Pocketnow Daily: Apple Ban from China being considered?! (video)

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This is how WhatsApp ads will look like once they roll out in 2020

You will start seeing WhatsApp ads next year, and Facebook showed off just how exactly these will look like. Check out these pictures to find out!

Pocketnow Daily: OnePlus 7 Pro is HOT, Apple affected by tariffs & more (video)

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WhatsApp vulnerability allowed installation of spyware on phones

A WhatsApp vulnerability was discovered that allowed attackers to install government-grade spyware on phones running affected versions.

Messenger Instagram WhatsApp interoperability confirmed by Facebook

At the Facebook F8 2019 conference, the company confirmed the upcoming Messenger Instagram WhatsApp interoperability. Read more!
WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp Group privacy settings updated. Only join groups you want

Today WhatsApp announced changes to the WhatsApp Group privacy settings. You can now choose who can add you to a group chat.

WhatsApp beta features reverse image search, in-app browser

It’s not exactly clear how the in-app browser will help cut the spread of fake news as much as the other feature on WhatsApp.

German watchdog to Facebook: stop combining data without consent

Germany’s competition watchdog, the Bundeskartellamt, has ordered Facebook to stop combining data without users’ consent.

Google and WhatsApp are using AI to kick users, flag spam on a massive scale

Google is using machine learning to block more spam on Gmail. WhatsApp is trying to cut users who spread fake news as an election looms in India.

Samsung Galaxy S10 variants confirmed, Whatsapp security & more – Pocketnow Daily

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WhatsApp update brings Face ID or Touch ID locking functionality

The new WhatsApp update for iPhone brings the ability to lock down your application and require Face ID or Touch ID to unlock it.

Facebook-Instagram-WhatsApp messenger amalgam won’t come until at least 2020

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the company has its eye on simplifying the direct messaging systems, but it would be a long game.

WhatsApp will start including ads very soon in the ‘Status’ section

Whatsapp will remain free but it will start including apps in the status section in one of the most famous messaging apps around the planet

WhatsApp testing Vacation Mode on iOS, a feature already on Android app

Silencing a conversation thread on WhatsApp is quite easy, but only if you’re on Android. It may soon be easy on iOS as well.

Getting less from the iPhone XS? | #PNWeekly 325

Also on our show, Qualcomm is batting up at Apple while hoping to get back together with it and the executive crises at Facebook.

A big reason to back up your WhatsApp account to Google Drive

WhatsApp automatically logs down chats, pictures, audio, video and whatever pipes down your conversations. That’s a lot of space taken up.

Facebook’s order to WhatsApp: Make Money!!

Now Facebook and WhatsApp will be more connected as they allow companies and users to communicate freely within a certain time limit

WhatsApp group calling for voice and video is now live, supports up to four people

As of today, WhatsApp group calls are possible both for voice and video, and you can talk to as many as three other people at the same time.