SanDisk announces first terabyte microSD card

Do you own a Galaxy S10+ with a terabyte of storage? Perhaps you would like to double that storage with a SanDisk microSD card.

Save up to 33 percent on SanDisk microSD cards 200GB+ on Amazon

Fresh discounts for some major tanks for photos, videos, music, or just about any file you’d want to have on a phone or tablet or computer or wherever else a microSD can be slotted in.

Toshiba decides to sell chip business to SK Hynix group, backed by Apple

The mobile memory chip market is dominated by Samsung and SK Hynix may be able to finally take on its domestic cohort with this deal.

SanDisk releases 400GB microSD card for $249.99

It’ll take a while yet before we have 2TB microSD cards to really push storage potentials on smartphones, but in the meantime, how about 400GB?

Toshiba chip business sale back to square one after SK Hynix hostility

The South Korean rival, which would’ve only operated the business, was reportedly looking for equity, too — a no-go for Toshiba.

Broadcom and Western Digital in the lead for Toshiba chip business

Toshiba is the world’s second biggest producer of flash memory chips for smartphones. Foxconn is also said to have a chance at the business.

Foxconn joins forces with Apple and Amazon to make Toshiba an unrefusable offer for its memory chips

It doesn’t sound like Toshiba’s coveted NAND flash memory business will be up for grabs much longer, with Foxconn, Apple and Amazon ready to pay up.

The Pocketnow Weekly Podcast 200th Episode Phone Giveaway!

For the Pocketnow Weekly Podcast 200th episode, we’re chatting Google I/O 2016, Motorola and Project Tango, and giving away TWO phones!

SanDisk acquired by Western Digital for $16 billion [UPDATE: finalized]

Two giants in the non-volatile memory space are coming together in a massive deal that’s valued at approximately $19 billion.