Does releasing the refurbished Note 7 make sense any more?
Samsung is set to release the refurbished Note 7…some time. But has Samsung already missed its window for releasing this device?
Should LG mess with the V30?
Last week, on the Pocketnow Weekly, we talked about the LG V30…
Have mobile floating windows worn off?
Mobile floating windows are making something of a comeback. Android O is bringing picture in picture to the forefront once more. But is that for the best?
Does Samsung Note 8 need to have dual cameras?
Everyone is talking about Note 8 dual cameras, but would they be really necessary? There may be benefits to dual sensors, but Samsung is already king.
Should OEMs be worried about carrier-made phones?
Carrier-made phones are nothing new, but the upcoming REVVL series from T-Mobile looks to be taking on midrangers head-to-head. Something to worry about?
Is HTC doing it right this year with the HTC U, or making more mistakes?
The HTC U is coming after the LG G6 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 launches. Is that a winning strategy, or another mistake on HTC’s part?
Where should the fingerprint sensor go on the next iPhone?
If Apple’s rumored side-to-side, top-to-bottom screen comes to fruition, where will Apple’s iconic Home button go? We debate the possibilities.
How big a deal are camera launch times?
Camera performance is a critical part of a smartphone. But are camera launch times the key to a great experience, which can ruin a perfectly good phone?
Would you buy a refurbished Samsung Note 7?
Samsung has fixed the Note 7…again! So it’s selling it…again! But questions remain – would you buy a refurbished Samsung Note 7?
Let’s settle this – fingerprint sensor on the back, or on the front?
The fingerprint sensor is mainstream now, but they have a location problem. We’re here to hash it out and find the best place – the back or the front?
Is it time to close the door on SMS messaging?
SMS messaging is a trusty standby for messaging capability, but is it too antiquated to keep up and running? Or do we need its reliability?
Is unlimited data a good idea for carriers?
With the return of unlimited data, we have to ask ourselves if it’s a good idea. Sure, it’s great for customers, but what about the carriers themselves?
Should you take benchmarks seriously?
Benchmarks provide us hard data on how well a phone performs. But what does that data tell us? Should we even listen to benchmarks any more?
Smartphone Addiction interview
Smartphone addiction part 2: Do we need to disconnect?
Smartphone addiction is a thing, but is it something we necessarily need to avoid? In part 2 of our series we look at the “benefits” of the addiction.
Do we really want transparent phones in the future?
Let’s take a moment and step into the future, shall we? When…
Should Google make a Pixel Watch?
Rumors say Google might be releasing its own Pixel Watch. Too many cooks in the kitchen, or time to stand out from the crowd? The Weekend Debate is on!
Will Xiaomi staying out of the US help or hurt it?
Xiaomi has a great phone out there called the Mi Mix, but it’s destined only for Chinese shores. Is Xiaomi making a mistake by staying out of the US?
After 10 years, can Apple revolutionize the industry again?
It has been 10 years since Steve Jobs stepped to the stage…
Should we allow phone calls on airplanes?
The US is considering allowing phone calls on airplanes, which opens a lot of possibilities, but potentially could be a bit of an annoyance. Let’s debate!
Should Microsoft still try to make a 3-in-1 device?
Microsoft is the closest to making a true 3-in-1 device. But should it? Is the power there to bring a PC experience to a phone? The Weekend Debate is on!
Google Smart home powered by Nest
Will cost kill the Smart Home? Or is it already destined to happen?
The Smart Home is here, but is it long for the world? The cost could be prohibitive, but the future is marching forward. Will the Smart Home survive?
Should Google give up on Android tablets?
We’ve come to a bit of a crossroads lately. It’s like an…
Are high resolution screens worth it?
Our screens keep getting bigger and high resolution screens are more common. But some might argue that 1080p is good enough. Are you one of those someones?
Should Microsoft give up on Windows 10 Mobile?
Windows 10 is a great OS, but Windows 10 Mobile, not so much. Should Microsoft give up on Windows 10 Mobile and focus on what it does best?
Would a removable battery have solved Samsung’s Note 7 problem?
Samsung’s Note 7 problem seems to revolve around the battery casing or manufacture. Would making them removable have solved this problem before it started?