The fight for Lytro and the flight of Huawei | #PNWeekly 297
On this week’s show: Google is the favorite in the market to buy out light field camera maker Lytro while Huawei is said to be taking a slugging in the US.
LG opens webOS source code once again
Can you believe that we’re talking about this again? Long ago, it was Palm and HP’s product. What does LG want to do with it… other than TVs?
TCL finally to move on Palm brand next year
PalmPilot and TouchPad fans have some shivers at what might come (or not) come next major trade show and TCL is keeping it vague.
LG webOS platform lives on in a 3.0 iteration, but only for smart TVs
LG has formally taken the wraps off webOS 3.0 designed for a range of smart TV sets slated to go official at CES 2016 in Las Vegas next month.
LG webOS Smart TVs getting Google Play Movies
LG’s mobile roundhouse is all over Android. Its Smart TV lineup is powered…
6 awesome features left to take from webOS
In honor of webOS’s sixth birthday, we introduce to you 6 awesome features that have yet to be poached from webOS. Enjoy.
LG Watch Urbane LTE hitting retail with hefty price tag
Is what LG’s asking for its Watch Urbane LTE pricing untenably high?
Six years later we’re still writing about webOS
It has been six years since it debuted at CES 2009. More importantly it’s been three years since it was killed, and yet we’re still writing about webOS.
LG webOS smartwatch looking confirmed: hardware, software details
Evidence for an LG webOS smartwatch continues to build, but is this only a prototype, or a soon-to-be commercial product?
Fanboys, when is it time to move on?
Fanboys have their place in mobile technology. But when your platform dies, it’s time to move on because you’re only cheating yourself.
A modest proposal for an HP smartwatch
HP doesn’t have the best reputation in the mobile tech space. But, we do have a thought that could help make an HP smartwatch interesting if not successful.
A webOS TV: should fans be excited?
LG is bringing webOS back to life, but not in the form we expected. Does a webOS TV mean good things or a return to mobile for the platform in the long run?
Pocketnow Weekly 071: Lumia 2520, jumbo-phones, and the new iPad mini
Tune in to the latest episode of the Pocketnow Weekly as we talk Lumia 2520, new iPad mini, and the trend toward ridiculous phone sizes!
Legacy: How webOS lives today in iOS, Android, and Windows Phone
webOS lives today in its legacy. All three major platforms have adopted so much of webOS into themselves that the legacy of webOS is assured to live on.
Using webOS today
Two years and one week ago, Leo Apotheker, then-CEO of HP, changed…
Pocketnow Weekly 048: Galaxy S 5 rumors meet Nokia EOS leaks in back alley, nasty knife fight ensues
Yes, there’s more to today’s Pocketnow Weekly podcast than Galaxy S 5 rumors. Also inside: iOS 7, Galaxy S 4 Zoom, & Nokia EOS salivating! Give it a listen!
HP TouchPad Go Review: The webOS what-if
The HP TouchPad Go was to be HP’s 7″ offering in a time before 7″ tablets existed. But it was tragically murdered before it could see the light of day.
Pocketnow Weekly 047: Nokia EOS rumors, webOS sentimentalism, & a whole lotta outtakes
From nostalgic looks at webOS to the latest Nokia EOS rumors, we talk a ton of tech on this episode of the Pocketnow Weekly Podcast. Join us!
Hello, old friend: Palm Pre throwback unboxing (Video)
It’s been 4 years since webOS launched, and nearly 2 years since its summary execution. Join us for a Palm Pre unboxing to honor this late, great platform.
Pocketnow Weekly 046: Tablet Z vs TouchPad Go, and other tech podcast tomfoolery
The newest, slimmest tablet beside one of the oldest and clunkiest – and only one of them ever saw daylight. Join us for ep. 46 of our weekly tech podcast!
What would be the perfect smartphone?
Everyone’s idea of perfect is different, which is why no “perfect” devices exist. Learn what the “perfect smartphone” would be for each member of the team!
HP Touchpad Go
The HP TouchPad Go – the tablet that never was.
Nostalgia is a funny thing. Sometimes it creeps up on you, and…
April Fool’s: HP Buys Back webOS, Announces Pre 4-1
HP has shocked the world by buying webOS. Again. They re-enter the smartphone arena having learned form their past mistakes and are ready to take on iOS and Android in about 3 years or so.
The Pocketnow Weekly Podcast, Episode 037
From new topics like the HTC One and rumored Amazon smartphone, to nostalgia trips into webOS-memory land, this week’s Pocketnow Weekly podcast has it all. Give it a listen for all the mobile-tech talk your ears can handle.
The Fourth Platform: Is There Really Any Room for It?
From Sailfish to Tizen to Ubuntu to webOS to Firefox, there’s no shortage of contenders for the number-four spot in smartphone platforms. But is there any room for a fourth, really? Read on to see what we think.