Microsoft could get rid of Edge on Windows 10 to use a Chrome-based browser
It seems that the end is near for Microsoft’s web browser as the company is apparently working on a substitute for Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge browser exits beta, widely launches for iOS and Android devices
After a relatively short public beta program, Microsoft Edge is now available as a free App Store and Google Play download for all iOS and Android users.
Google could launch native Chrome browser adblocker ‘within weeks’, sources say
There may be no more need for third-party adblocking tool installation for Google Chrome soon enough, rumor has it.
Why doesn’t every browser do word wrapping?
Word wrapping or text flow was very helpful in bridging the gap between desktop websites on mobile devices. Read on to find out what happened to it.
Artificial Mobile Browser Lag
Why mobile browsers artificially add 1/3 second delay to every tap
Mobile browsers have had to make many compromises to make the non-mobile web work on our handheld devices. One of those deliberately slowed down browsing.